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Poised For Virtualization: Stoke Announces Architecture Of Software-Only Version Of LTE Security Solution

by david.nunes
Next Generation Security Gateway Enables Multi-Platform, Portable IPsec Security Supporting Operators’ Downstream Virtualization Initiatives
SANTA CLARA, CALIF – February 11, 2014: Stoke announced today that its market leading LTE security gateway solution has been architected for availability as a software-only version to support future virtualized operator environments.
Networks Functions Virtualization (NFV) offers a more cost effective and rapid way for operators to provision, deploy and meet the performance requirements of modern 4G networks and their subscribers. In particular, NFV enables operators to offer new services faster and more efficiently than traditional infrastructure. “While the current market opportunities in our space are without exception hardware-based, we belive it is essential that we provide our customers with continual innovations that align with their future virtualization strategies,” said Dilip Pillaipakam, vice president of product management at Stoke.
Key elements of the company’s software architecture position Stoke’s evolved packet core (EPC) perimeter security solution to deliver virtualized offerings as market demand increases.  Stoke’s Linux-based Stoke software follows the Posix standard allowing for portability across multiple industry-standard platforms, while Stoke’s context-based service model allows for multiple instances of SeGW to run at the same time, a key requirement for virtualization.
In particular clear separation of the control plane and data plane enable independent scaling and deployment of the solution based on dynamic resourcing requirements.  On the data plane, the key differentiator of the Stoke operating system that enables line rate encryption at all packet sizes, is architected for general purpose multi-core processors.
“Not all hardware platforms are created equal,” Pillaipakam added.  “Operators’ decisions to move certain functionality from dedicated hardware into a virtualized context will be based on the ability and suitability of the equipment in which that function will be housed.   Virtualization currently requires a trade-off in performance of certain applications and for this reason security is still handled as a discrete function.  The ability of our hardware platform to deliver encrypted LTE traffic at line rate – including voice traffic – is a compelling value proposition for our customers. As the processing capabilities of the general-purpose hardware catch up, our customers are assured of a smooth transition to a virtualized environment using the Stoke software. ”
About Stoke
Stoke, Inc. delivers gateway solutions for the mobile border, securing LTE communications between the radio access network and the operator core, protecting subscribers while safeguarding critical mobile core infrastructure. Our products have been selected by the world’s leading mobile network operators for technical excellence and quality, and we partner with leading industry equipment providers and systems integrators to ensure ongoing success and innovation. Stoke is the global market leader in deployed LTE Security Gateways with offices in the US, UK, France, Spain, Japan, Korea and Singapore.  For more information, visit www.stoke.com.

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