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Polaris Networks Announces the NetEPC-PS: LTE Packet Core for Public Safety Deployment

by david.nunes

Polaris Networks Announces the NetEPC-PS: LTE Packet Core for Public Safety Deployment

Lexington, Massachusetts, August 19, 2013 – Polaris Networks today announced that its NetEPC-PS product, the carrier-grade solution for LTE EPC Packet Core combining the key EPC elements – the MME, the S-GW and the PDN-GW – as well as the HSS, PCRF, OCS and OFCS functions on a single carrier grade platform is ideally suited for deployment in Public Safety networks. The EPC-in-a-Box solution is suitable for use in the data center as well as field deployment during emergencies.

With major Public Safety organizations in the US having endorsed LTE as the technological standard for the proposed 700 MHz national broadband network for First Responders, the NetEPC-PS has been developed to support the current as well as future public safety applications that state, regional and local agencies use for ensuring public safety. The NetEPC-PS with its support for Emergency sessions, differentiated QoS and traffic prioritization is well positioned to meet the requirements of emergency networks. The solution also provides high availability through the use of redundant components in an Active/Standby mode which is critical in ensuring that the broadband network provides uncompromising service to the first responders. This deployable EPC can also be driven to the location of emergency for a system-on-wheels deployment.

“The NetEPC-PS has been specifically designed to meet the FirstNet™ requirements and is also a part of the FirstNet™ demonstration network at the PSCR lab in Colorado”, said Poulomi Roy, Product Manager, LTE Packet Core (Public Safety). “Apart from the currently identified requirements, Polaris is also following the development of features like proximity services and group call system in the 3GPP standards to include support for these in the NetEPC-PS.”

Polaris is participating at the APCO International Conference and Expo in Anaheim, California from August 18-21. To meet a Polaris representative at the show please write in to poulomi_roy@polarisnetworks.net .

About Polaris Networks

Polaris Networks is a leading provider of Carrier-grade software solutions and Test tools for LTE. These solutions are used world-wide by equipment manufacturers and operators. The Functional Testers and Emulator tools are used by TEMS and operators for testing eNodeB, MME, S-GW, PDN-GW and other LTE nodes for protocol/feature conformance, scalability, and load/stress.

For more information, visit http://www.polarisnetworks.net

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