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Polaris Networks releases an enhanced version of ATCA Tester v 3.2

by david.nunes

Polaris releases an enhanced version of ATCA Tester v 3.2, which is fully compliant with PICMG Specification PICMG® 3.0 Revision 3.0 and implements 40G Ethernet E-Keying based on the final draft of PICMG® 3.1 Revision 2.0.

Lexington, Massachusetts, June 25, 2012 – Polaris Networks, a leading provider of test
tools for networking equipment, released an enhanced version of the PNCT-ATCA-300,
its industry-leading test tool for AdvancedTCA Shelf Manager and IPM Controllers
(IPMCs). This new version of ATCA Tester, v 3.2, implements new test cases to support
the E-Keying extensions (40G Ethernet E-Keying) based on the final draft of PICMG 3.1
R 2.0 specification.

Prior to this release, the Polaris ATCA Tester v 3.2 was rigorously tested with the Pigeon
Point Systems’ SmartFusion-based bench top IPMC and Carrier IPMC solutions (BMRA2F-
ATCA-BTR) having a PICMG 3.1 compliant FRU Information image.

Commenting on the occasion Aditya Saraf, VP Sales and Marketing, said “Polaris
Networks expresses its gratitude to Pigeon Point Systems for providing its latest IPMC
solutions for us to validate our ATCA Tester and is thankful to all other companies who
have tested v 3.2 of ATCA Tester and provided valuable feedback before it could be
released for commercial use.” He also mentioned, “Along with partners like PPS, Polaris
Networks is committed to contribute to the adoption of ATCA standards based platforms.
In future releases of the ATCA Tester, we plan to add tests based on ATCA Extensions
initiative which apart from existing applications of ATCA also emphasizes the use of
ATCA in enterprise and other application areas”.

Mark Overgaard, Founder and CTO of Pigeon Point Systems providing his comments,
mentioned “Pigeon Point Systems and Polaris Networks have worked closely for many
years to ensure that compliant and interoperable ATCA platforms are available in the
market and greater platform independence is achieved. While Polaris Networks continues
to advance the state of the art for automated test tools according to the latest PICMG
specifications, Pigeon Point is using its deep knowledge of xTCA™ (including ATCA,
MicroTCA® and AdvancedMC™) and Polaris’ test tools to deliver market-leading shelf
and board level management components for incorporation into xTCA products across
the worldwide xTCA ecosystem.”

Polaris Networks will participate in the 23rd TCA- Interoperability Workshop to be held
at Schroff GmbH’s facility in Straubenhardt Germany, during the week of October 22nd,
2012. At this workshop Polaris will make the ATCA Tester v 3.2 available to all
participating companies so that these companies can test E-keying and other features in
their ATCA platforms. The major objectives set for the workshop this year, are 40G
Ethernet interoperability and E-Keying.

In the upcoming releases, PNCT-ATCA-300 will include tests based on PICMG IRTM
R1.0 specification to test the Hardware Platform Management capabilities of Intelligent
(MMC-based) Rear Transition Modules. Polaris also plans to add tests based on ATCA
Base Extensions initiative (which will be covered by PICMG 3.7 Rev 1.0).

About Polaris Networks

Polaris Networks has played a key role in promoting and facilitating the widespread
adoption of new technologies. Polaris’ range of xTCA Test Tools are widely used by
system integrators and manufacturers for their internal testing and QA of ATCA,
MicroTCA and AMC based building blocks and systems. For testing open standards for
telecom platforms, the HPI and AIS tester verifies service availability standards as
specified by the SA Forum, for telecom middleware. Apart from these xTCA Testers
Polaris Networks provides comprehensive end to end test solutions for LTE equipment
manufacturers and operators.

For more information on Polaris Networks, please visit www.polarisnetworks.net

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