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Pontis Passes Major Milestone of 500 Million Customers Worldwide

by david.nunes

Pontis Passes Major Milestone of 500 Million Customers Worldwide


Pioneers of Continuous Contextual Engagement Solutions, Pontis Reaches Top Tier Market Growth Through Large Tier 1 Service Providers

Tel Aviv, Israel (March, 3, 2015) – Pontis, the pioneer of continuous contextual engagement solutions, today announced reaching half a billion customers worldwide. Working with Tier 1 service providers, Pontis is revolutionizing customer engagement for the telecom industry through holistic and proactive customer experiences across all channels. The focus on enhancing customer engagement has led Pontis’ customers to see a 3% increase of ARPU, 15% increase of revenue from mobile data services, 25% increases in NPS score and 15% reduction in annual churn.

Pontis enables major global service providers to significantly improve customer engagement by igniting the importance of the customer centric approach. The continuous contextual engagement approach that drives the Pontis solutions, empowers service providers to build ongoing two-way dialogues and to proactively tend to each and every customer’s personal needs and behaviors throughout their entire life-cycle. By facilitating real time digital engagement, the Pontis solutions are used to support the various business needs of service providers including individual customer lifecycle management, revenue increase, customer retention, proactive customer experience, mobile data and digital service monetization and converged quad-play value creation.


“Customers use technology to outrun marketing campaigns, and they distrust offline or online brand ads. To stay relevant, CI [Customer Intelligence] pros must rely less on outbound communications and instead interact with customers based on their behavioral context,” wrote Rusty Warner in the January 2015 Forrester Research, Inc. report entitled “Unlock Customer Context With Marketing Technology.”


“As leading telecom service providers go through a transformation to become digital businesses, there is a shift in marketing taking place pivoting from traditional segmentation and product-centric campaigns to an approach addressing the growing need for context-based, individually tailored engagement,” said Udi Ziv, CEO of Pontis. “Our half a billion customers worldwide represent the power our solutions have to improve the relationship leading service providers have with their customers. As proven through the recent onboarding of major Tier 1s, Pontis’ solutions allow service providers to not just tap into their vast data sources, but to effectively and automatically identify critical insights and turn this into the most relevant and best experience possible for every customer. By channeling real-time cutting edge big data analytics we challenge traditional ineffective segmentation strategies and enable ultra-personalized engagement with customers from the get-go.”

About Pontis

Pontis is the pioneer of continuous contextual engagement solutions for telecom service providers. Selected by dozens of Tier-1 operators around the globe, the Pontis solution transforms the way customer engagement is executed by implementing a customer-centric strategy that drives proactive and personalized engagement with each customer based on their behaviors and context. The engagement occurs across channels and touch-points, enabling a truly digital experience by the service provider.

Based on cutting edge real time big-data technology and advanced analytics, the end-to-end solution translates insights into immediate and personalized actions. Pontis offers unique business consulting and operational services to support service providers with business transformation strategy planning and execution, leveraging its unique market expertise built in the past decade.

Pontis: Let’s get personal. www.pontis.com


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