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Precision Dynamics – St. John Introduces New TenderCare® Infant Tether

by david.nunes

Precision Dynamics – St. John Introduces New TenderCare® Infant Tether

Allows Caregivers to Identify Delicate NICU Patients Without Disturbing or Unswaddling

VALENCIA, CA- Sep 18, 2012 –  Precision Dynamics – St. John, the global leader in healthcare identification solutions, announced today the release of its new TenderCare® Infant Tether which extends newborn identification tags outside of swaddling blankets for convenient bar code scanning access. As hospital protocol typically requires scanning patient identification prior to administering breast milk, IV fluids, or medication, the TenderCare® Infant Tether enables caregivers to positively identify the tiniest patients while leaving them swaddled, comfortable, and secure to help promote healthy development.

Ideal for NICU departments, TenderCare® Infant Tether features ultra-soft material for delicate and sensitive newborn skin, plus it is latex-free and phthalate-free. TenderCare® Infant Tether is compatible with any wristband and identification tag combination. It easily attaches to the newborn’s identification wristband to create an extension for a bar code identification tag that can be accessed on the outside of the swaddle. When caregivers need to scan the patient’s identification, they do not need to unswaddle or disturb the newborn.

TenderCare® Infant Tether features user-friendly packaging with 100 pre-separated, individual tethers in a convenient dispenser box. The tethers come in a choice of plain white, or a baby-friendly yellow ducks design.

“In response to customer feedback, we developed TenderCare® Infant Tether to meet the need of NICUs for a softer attachment for patient identification. Traditional attachments are stiff and rigid — not at all suited for delicate preemie or neonatal patients’ skin. Now NICU caregivers have a convenient method to identify newborns with bar coding without disturbing them unnecessarily,” stated Kim Canchola, product manager at Precision Dynamics – St. John.

TenderCare® Infant Tether meets The Joint Commission, AHA, and HIPAA requirements. For more information, please visit: www.pdcorp.com/healthcare or contact Precision Dynamics – St. John’s customer service department at 800-435-4242.

About Precision Dynamics Corporation – St. John With more than 50 years of experience, Precision Dynamics Corporation – St. John is the global leader and pacesetter in the development of wristband, label, medical records and imaging systems. The company specializes in serving the healthcare, leisure and entertainment, and law enforcement industries. The company introduced the first single-piece patient wristband, first bar code wristband system, first Smart Band® RFID wristband system, first thermal printer wristband, and the award winning PDC Smart® Kiosk.

Precision Dynamics Corporation – St. John products are used in leading hospitals worldwide and comprise a comprehensive range of solutions that provide positive ID and positive clinical outcomes, while meeting important guidelines of The Joint Commission, World Healthcare Organization, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA. Complying with ISO 9001 standards, Precision Dynamics Corporation – St. John follows a systematic, world-standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services. For more information, visit www.pdcorp.com and www.stjohninc.com.

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