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Fishlabs recruits Commanders! Galaxy on Fire – Alliances enters Beta-Phase

by david.nunes

Fishlabs recruits Commanders! Galaxy on

Fire – Alliances enters Beta-Phase

As of now, Fishlabs Entertainment accepts registrations for the first external playtest of its new massively multiplayer online game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The sign-up process for the closed beta of the epic Mobile Strategy MMO can be carried out via www.GOFAlliances.com. In addition, the company will also showcase the title in the business and consumer area of gamescom 2013.

Hamburg, Germany – July 9th, 2013 – Fishlabs, the Hamburg-based developer and publisher of multi-award-winning smartphone and tablet games, announces the closed beta of its upcoming multiplayer strategy game Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances to take place in the next couple of weeks. As a tie-in to the highly successful Galaxy on Fire saga, the studio’s first mobile strategy MMO is already highly anticipated by fans and media alike. The raving reviews of the journalists and bloggers, who have been able to check out an early prototype of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances at this year’s GDC in San Francisco, speak of an ambitious outer space epic with captivating gameplay and high-end 3D graphics. The focus of Alliances lies on the title’s substantial teamplay and coop features on the one hand and its full optimization for mobile and touchscreen devices on the other. In the course of the closed beta, hundreds of selected players will be able to experience the biggest project in Fishlabs’ eight-year history firsthand. As of now, registrations can be handed in via www.GOFAlliances.com.

Moreover, all visitors of gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany can already look forward to another highlight: From August 21st to 25th, the Hamburg-based company will showcase its upcoming title at the Aruba booth in Hall 9 every full hour. The first presentations will be held at 10AM and the last ones at 3PM. In the course of these exclusive events, the attendees will get firsthand insight into the production of Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances in the general and its manifold gameplay features in particular.

About Galaxy on Fire
– Alliances:

While the previous installments of the Galaxy on Fire saga have been action and space combat games, the upcoming Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances will pursue another direction. In the roles of commanders of the Terrans, Vossk or Nivelians, the players will set course for a hitherto uncharted arm of the galaxy, where they have to conquer planets, build outposts and expand their territory. Since the newfound area is jam-packed with valuable resources and powerful artifacts, the delegates of all three factions are burning to claim it for themselves and become the rulers of this much sought-after domain. But they won’t get far unless they team up with like-minded allies and form an alliance that is powerful enough to hold its ground against the manifold rivals and competitors. Consequently, tactical refinement, diplomatic deftness and effective resource management are invaluable assets in the advancement into unknown space and the take-over of new worlds. After all, a flourishing economy and gainful trading relations grant direct access to stronger technologies. And strong alliances give the players the chance to take on seemingly superior enemies and defeat them in epic battles. The official release of the highly anticipated multiplayer epic on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2013. An Android porting will follow later on.

Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances is Fishlabs‘ biggest project to date. Right now, about 30 people are working on the title, which is being realized with the company’s proprietary ABYSS® 3 engine and has been in development since mid-2012. Prior to and even after the game’s official launch on the App Store, Fishlabs will keep its fans up to date about all news from the Alliances front via their blog (www.fishlabs.net/en/blog/) and forums (http://forums.fishlabs.net/en/) as well as the official Facebook fan page of the Galaxy on Fire series (www.facebook.com/galaxyonfire).  With immediate effect, the registration for the closed beta can be carried out via www.GOFAlliances.com.

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