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Tango Telecom’s Cloud-LBO enables EU operators to defer roaming losses

by david.nunes

Tango Telecom’s Cloud-LBO enables EU operators to defer roaming losses

Tango Telecom’s Product Strategist Nigel Portley explains that proactive operators who bring innovative roaming experiences to market early will seize the advantage.

Mobile Roaming World Summit, London, 12th November 2013: EU Roaming III legisation represents a real opportunity for proactive EU operators to comply with regulatory requirements and also to compete successfully in the new roaming landscape: keeping and possibly increasing their share of the lucrative roaming pie, according to policy and charging control market leader, Tango Telecom.

Nigel Portley, Product Strategist, Tango Telecom, explains: “The most recent proposal put before the EU Commission announces the intention to end roaming charges in the EU.  While this would appear to cut off a highly valuable revenue stream for operators with one hand, it also opens up the previously unaddressable market of the inbound roamer with the other.  Over 250 million Europeans travel each year to destinations within the continent and the vast majority of them either curtail their mobile usage or don’t use it at all.  Commentators vary in their estimation of the percentage of roamers do not use data but general consensus puts it between 65% – 75%.  By turning these reluctant and dormant roamers into active ones, EU operators have the greatest opportunity to offset the impending loss of roaming revenues from outbound roamers.

Tango Telecom’s Cloud LBO product is an ideal solution to the current state of flux within the European Roaming Market, providing a turnkey all inclusive service designed to plug into any network without the need for complex integration.

There is an intention to remove intra-EU roaming in the coming years, but certainly not prior to 2016 which means a minimum 3 -4 year window of opportunity for Local Breakout for Data Roaming. Tango Telecom’s Cloud LBO solution negates the need to justify significant resource and financial investment while offering the greatest potential ROI: providing a low-cost, low-risk solution to enable EU operators to defer roaming losses.

About Tango Telecom

Tango Telecom is the leading provider of Policy and Charging Control and Next Generation Messaging Solutions for evolving networks.  Tango Telecom partners with operators such as America Movil, Telefónica O2, Vodafone, Indosat, Zain Group, Axiata Group and Airtel to bring enhanced services to more than 550 million subscribers world-wide.

Tango Telecom continues to set industry benchmarks with recent studies showing unmatched throughput for its next generation product portfolio on standard commerical hardware.

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