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LOOPHOLD announces Barracuda NG Earth – manage VPN tunnels worldwide in real-time and 3D

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LOOPHOLD announces Barracuda NG Earth – manage VPN tunnels worldwide in real-time and 3D

New 3D Visualization Application Provides Unique View on Corporate Network Infrastructures

12 December 2011

LOOPHOLD Security Distribution has announced the availability of Barracuda Networks’ Barracuda NG Earth 2.0, a new 3D-visualisation application that provides an array of information on centrally managed Barracuda NG Firewalls used in distributed network environments. Barracuda NG Earth is part of the Barracuda NG Control Center and free of charge for customers using the Control Center Enterprise or Global Editions.

Says Martin Tassev, MD at LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, “Central management of VPNs can be complex and having a real-time, simplified view of geographical maps make administrators lives much easier.”

Easy, Fast and Clear

Barracuda NG Earth allows administrators to easily manage multiple fire wall locations (specifically VPN tunnels based on Barracuda NG Firewalls) using hotkeys and drop-down menus on the navigation bar at the top of the graphical display. Using Barracuda NG Earth, administrators can view:

. Detailed product information such as firmware version, model and serial numbers, system status and local device time, as well as configuration settings.

. Physical and political maps showing national boundaries, country names and capital cities to improve clarity and navigation.

. Drop-down list navigation to easily switch between locations and view the respective site-to-site tunnel and status in real time.

Barracuda NG Earth 2.0 requires minimal system resources such as hard drive space and memory. Administrators who prefer using lightweight subnotebooks and netbooks can use Barracuda NG Earth reliably on these devices to view detailed information on the go.

The extremely simple handling, clarity and low system resource requirements make Barracuda NG Earth a unique management tool for centrally managing global VPN connections.

For more information about the Barracuda NG Firewall, Barracuda NG Control Center and Barracuda NG Earth, please visit






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Managing Director

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