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PrimeTime Chooses Comigo TV Service Platform to Increase Viewer Engagement in Thailand

by david.nunes

PrimeTime Chooses Comigo TV Service Platform to Increase Viewer Engagement in Thailand 

By Bringing Personalization, Interactivity, Engagement, and Socialization to the TV Screen, Comigo’s Solution Increases Monetization Opportunities for Service Providers

YARKONA, Israel — Sept. 8, 2015 — Comigo today announced that PrimeTime, a provider of premium online movies and video on demand (VOD) content in Thailand, has chosen Comigo’s TV service platform to offer advanced personalization, interactivity, and social capabilities on every screen. Comigo’s Android™-based set top box (STB) and cloud-based engine enable PrimeTime subscribers to watch a wide variety of enriched content, including linear channels, VOD, catch-up TV, and content-aware applications anytime, anywhere, on any device, increasing their engagement and loyalty. 

“For modern-day operators, being able to offer social, personalization, and interactive functionalities is crucial when it comes to having a competitive pay-TV offering,” said Kasidit Kolasastraseni, CEO at PrimeTime. “We chose Comigo’s TV service platform because it is reliable, dependable, fully functional, and flexible, with an easy to navigate UI, enabling us to provide a one-of-a-kind television experience to viewers at a short time to market.”

Comigo’s solution offers TV service providers unprecedented flexibility, allowing them to choose from a variety of modules based on their requirements. Modules include a social engine, engagement module, recommendations engine, insights and analytics, and more. Leveraging the flexibility of the Comigo platform, PrimeTime was able to integrate its existing VOD offering seamlessly with the new service platform to enable a unified viewer experience across all screens. Comigo’s TV service platform also enables PrimeTime to gain insight into subscribers’ viewing habits to deliver advanced personal content recommendations, promote content through users’ social interactions, and target relevant advertising to viewers to boost revenue streams.

“As OTT service providers, such as PrimeTime, look to deliver a more compelling television experience and augment their revenue streams, Comigo’s solution is seeing a significant increase in global deployments,” said Motty Lentzitzky, CEO at Comigo. “We want to thank our customers for their continuous vote of confidence in our STB, middleware, and apps solutions, and pledge our commitment to bringing a state-of-the-art TV platform that provides a rich user experience as well as analytics and unique revenue generating functionalities to TV service providers.”

“Adding PrimeTime to our global customer base expands Comigo’s reach across the Asia-Pacific region,” said Jonathan Berman, VP Sales APAC at Comigo. “In the future, I foresee more customers and deployments in this growing market benefiting from Comigo’s solution.”

More information about the company’s products is available at www.comigo.com.

About PrimeTime (www.goprimetime.tv)
An end-to-end OTT provider with a mission to unbundle TV through the disruption of content and technology that enable people to watch their favorite content anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

About Comigo (www.comigo.com)
Widely deployed worldwide, Comigo’s TV platform allows pay-TV operators to offer a personalized, social, and interactive TV experience on any device. The Comigo platform is designed to increase viewer engagement and stimulate new revenue opportunities. The heart of the Comigo platform is a back-end solution, fully controlled by the operator, which facilitates the whole viewing experience. As a complementary part of the Comigo platform, Comigo provides client based solutions: an Android™-based STB solution and client apps for Android- and iOS™-based smartphones and tablets.

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