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Profiling the pre-eminent: Maria Livanos Cattaui

by david.nunes
Maria Livanos CattauiIssue:Latin America I 1998
Article no.:9
Topic:Profiling the pre-eminent: Maria Livanos Cattaui
Author:Maria Livanos Cattaui
Title:Secretary General
Organisation:International Chamber of Commerce
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In the continuing series of profiling distinguished individuals in the telecommunications industry in Latin America who are at the forefront of ensuring that the benefits of the new era of liberalisation will be enjoyed by businesses and people from all walks of life and from all over the region in the future, Connect-World Latin America here profiles Maria Livanos Cattaui, Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce.

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The new ICC Secretary General initiated numerous other activities at the World Economic Forum, such as the First China Symposium in Beijing in 1980, events to assist the integration of central and eastern European countries in the world economy, business missions to the Baltic countries and to central Asia, and the preparation of the first Middle East/North Africa summit. She prepared a special seminar programme for the World Bank’s Annual meeting. Conclusion Mrs Cattaui, who is of Swiss nationality and Greek origin, was educated in the United States, and is an Honours graduate of Harvard University. During her earlier career, she was engaged in writing and research, then editorial supervision and planning with Encyclopaedia Britannica. After a spell with Time-Life Books, New York, she was a freelance editor and writer of books, speeches and articles.

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