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Profit in 2011 for the PacketFront Group

by david.nunes

Stockholm // 2012-01-31

Profit in 2011 for the PacketFront Group

The PacketFront Group is releasing the interim year-end result for the fiscal year 2011 which shows an operating profit of approximately 1 million SEK. The total turnover for the PacketFront Group was 147 MSEK. In 2011, orders booked ended at 174 MSEK, which is an increase of 22 % compared to 2010.
‘This is in line with our expectations, and even if profitability ideally should have been higher, it is a result we are very satisfied with. The PacketFront Group emerged from reconstruction at the end of 2010 and during 2011 we have made further refinements to our strategy that included several operational changes and associated costs. To be able to achieve a 22% growth in orders and to be operationally profitable despite these activities, is something we are very proud of,` says the PacketFront CEO, Henrik Scharp. ‘We are now confidently looking forward to 2012 which promises to be an eventful year for PacketFront with, among other things, the launch of our new Gigabit Access family, the ASR6000 series router.’
The ASR6000 will be officially launched at the FTTH Conference in Munich on February 15th, 2012.

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