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Progira and Omnitele to cooperate in terrestrial broadcast network design and consulting services

by david.nunes

Progira and Omnitele to cooperate in

terrestrial broadcast network design and

consulting services

Progira www.progira.com


February 12th , 2014
Helsinki, Finland


Progira Radio Communications AB and Omnitele Ltd. announced today a cooperation agreement. This agreement between the two pioneering companies in the wireless industry enables joining both company’s competences providing unique consulting service offerings in e.g. broadcast network design, infrastructure investment, network optimisation and digital dividend analysis.

By combining the deep expertise on both broadcast and mobile networks, Progira and Omnitele can together provide valuable insight e.g. in current challenges with digital dividend which concerns both broadcast and mobile operators, as well as national requlators. By both companies being totally independent of any vendors and other parties, truly objective analysis can be made providing client value and information from both broadcast and mobile system’s point of view. In addition, by combining both companies resources, Progira and Omnitele can provide high expertise network planning and analysis services also in ever larger scale.

“We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Omnitele. Their vast expertise in mobile networks combined with ours within broadcast networks fills a “white spot” in todays dividend puzzle. Our combined force forms an independent solution provider in an area where two different industries are competing for the scarce frequency resources available from the Digital Dividend.”, says Karl-Johan Gramner, CEO, Progira.

“We are excited to start cooperation with Progira, a company with solid expertise and impressive track record in the broadcast networks domain. This partnership allows us to provide expertise from both sides in service for our clients, such as telecom operators considering DTT services.”, says Esa Vesterinen, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Omnitele Ltd.

About Progira

At PROGIRA® we want to make a difference. By identifying actual client needs, we can provide truly great solutions—and real value—to the organizations we work with. We started out as pioneers in our field in 1990. Today we provide cost effective network solutions and our expertise to clients in more than 50 countries. We are broadcast network planning craftsmen. We are independent and our main areas of expertise are Network Coverage, Infrastructure Investment Optimisation, Digital Dividend Possibilities, Frequency Planning and Digital Cartography.

About Omnitele Ltd.

Omnitele Ltd., founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM network in the world, is a pioneer within the wireless industry with a leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele’s strengths lie in the experience received from over 1.000 projects in over 80  countries. Omnitele services cover Technology Strategy, Network Design and Network Quality Improvement.

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