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Project to increase use of broadband and Cloud in Macau schools

by david.nunes






CTM, Cable & Wireless Communications’ business in Macau, has launched an initiative called ‘Digital Campus’ to increase the adoption of IT and telecoms technology in the country’s education sector.



The ‘Digital Campus’ will enable students to submit assignments and complete assessments online, as well as having access to databases containing resources such as past exam papers and teaching notes. In the classroom, teachers will be able to maintain an electronic register and incorporate more multimedia elements into lessons. Both teachers and students will also be able to routinely input and store work and notes online.



For the first phase of the project CTM has created a special series of business broadband packages for schools delivering download speeds of between 25megabits per second (mbps) and 300 mbps. CTM has donated laptop computers and home broadband packages to several schools to increase access and several participating schools will also receive an 80% discount on their monthly broadband bill.



Later this year CTM will increase the amount of IT storage capacity available to schools, which will access the additional capacity remotely over the internet through ‘Cloud-based’ servers.

The project has recorded strong support from schools with almost half of the primary and secondary schools in Macau joining so far.



Vandy Poon, Chief Executive Officer of CTM, said:

“As Macau’s leading telecoms company, we have a responsibility to promote the best usage of the internet by all citizens. Through this major educational project we hope to integrate information technology into teaching and kick-start a process which will make the digital campus a reality for every school in Macau in future.”

CTM is Macau’s only broadband provider and has installed one of the fastest residential networks in the world, delivering home internet download speeds of up to 250 mbps.



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