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PROMISE Technology Improves Workflows for Creative Professionals

by david.nunes



PROMISE Technology Improves Workflows for Creative Professionals






Breakthrough in Multiple-site Edit Capabilities to be Showcased at IBC2011






MILPITAS, Calif. – September 7, 2011 – PROMISE Technology, a leader in providing high-performance storage solutions to the rich media market and the leader in designing cutting-edge Thunderbolt storage devices, announced today it is bringing PROMISE Thunderbolt-enabled products to Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS5.5 software users, dramatically increasing workflow efficiency.




“The integration between the PROMISE Pegasus Thunderbolt line of storage and our market-leading Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 demonstrates our commitment to providing our customers with even more efficiency and flexibility,” said Bill Roberts, director of professional video and audio product management, Adobe. “Whether in studio or at a remote location, the power of our two products provides professionals boosted productivity with the world’s most robust cross-platform editing workflow.”




PROMISE Thunderbolt-enabled products improve workflow for creative professionals. Here’s how:


·        Enables low-latency, high-speed bandwidth to portables and desktops to allow for editing data-rate   hungry video streams that were never before possible on systems in this class;


·        Delivers over 800 MB/s worth of streaming rich media content to systems with Thunderbolt technology;


·        Reduces time spent doing proxy editing by allowing for direct playback and editing of uncompressed HD streams over Thunderbolt; and,


·        Transfers full length HD movies in minutes rather than hours saving precious time resources for actual editing.




“Partnering with Adobe to help drive workflow transformation for creative professionals is a very rewarding milestone for PROMISE,” said Alice Chang, CMO, PROMISE Technology. “The combination of Pegasus and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is another example of our ability to respond to the evolving demands of the rich media marketplace. We look forward to expanding our collaboration in helping drive exciting innovations for the media and entertainment industry.”




SANLink –


The new SANLink adapter offers unrivaled expansion opportunities to Adobe Premiere Pro users. SANLink is changing the ways users connect to a high-speed Fibre Channel SAN, empowering post-production facilities and creative professionals with easier and flexible access to resources stored on their SAN allowing any Thunderbolt device to connect to the SAN. Additionally, SANLink technology bridges two high speed technologies together, Fibre Channel and Thunderbolt interfaces, helping to bring the SAN to the masses. SANLink provides dual-ported 4Gbps Fibre Channel access allowing for redundant paths to the SAN to notebooks and desktops.





VTrak x10 and x30 –


Through SANLink, multiple creative professionals can now collaborate using a a class of systems never before able to connect to the SAN, notebooks and desktops, to perform workflows simultaneously. Through SANLink, they can access the media assets on an Xsan or StorNext system powered by VTrak x10 or x30 Fibre Channel-based enterprise class shared storage. The PROMISE SANLink and VTrak x30 and x10 solution for Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 offers great performance for video playback and editing, e.g. 2K and 10-bit uncompressed streams.




Additional resources:


Visit www.promise.com/Pegasus to read more about the PROMISE Pegasus storage line.


Visit http://www.promise.com/SANLink to read more about the soon-to-be generally available PROMISE SANLink.


To read more about Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, visit: http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html.




About PROMISE Technology, Inc.

PROMISE Technology, a leader in providing high-performance storage solutions to the rich media market and the leader in designing cutting-edge Thunderbolt™ enabled devices, develops and manufactures sophisticated RAID storage solutions recognized worldwide. Ranging from a complete line of RAID controller cards to FC/iSCSI/SAS/SATA RAID subsystems PROMISE caters to enterprise, mid-range, entry-level and consumer data protection needs. PROMISE products are distinguished by their Unified Common RAID Core and management software and unparalleled support.  Headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., PROMISE has operations throughout North America, Asia and Europe. For more information, visit PROMISE Technology’s website at www.promise.com, or see us on Twitter and Facebook.





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