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PYXIS Consult,Shanghai,China

by david.nunes

PYX receives

As the media partner, you provide the following benefits towards the event:

u Putting and highlighting the event banner during the organizing period in your website (the

banner provided by Pyxis)

u The brief introduction and news updates of this event in the associated column in your website,

the content will be provided by Pyxis, could be updated according to organizing process

u Forward the e-newsletters or email blast, with brief introduction and news updates of Counter

e-crime Summit 2011 including the event’s website by enewsletter or email to your membership or partners;

Full page advert in one magazine

You will receive the following benefits as the media partner:

Connect-World receives

l Entitled Event Media Partner during the whole period of event, and with your logo/ brief intro

hyperlink on our event website and all event e-marketing channels (A two-way hyperlink of your website to the event official website )

l 5000+ e-Copies event brochures will be delivered to target companies and their high-level management worldwide, with your logo on the them; your logo also be printed on our advertisements, e-newsletters, marketing materials

l Your logo will appear on the backdrop displayed in the conference hall, and on the event

documentations to all the attendees

l You may insert your latest publish into the event pack, which will be released to every delegate

l Full contact details of all attendees

Eva Tang

Marketing Manager

Pyxis Consult Co.,ltd

Tel: 86 21 3429 2313

Fax:86 21 3429 2313

Email: eva.tang@pyxis.com

Website:  www.pyxisconsult.com

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