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QA Cafe Announces a New Era in Broadband Network Testing

by david.nunes

QA Cafe Announces a New Era in Broadband Network Testing

New solution provides real-world, end-to-end protocol testing in a live network

October 9, 2014, Amsterdam – As broadband becomes the premier service delivery platform of the 21st century with over 700 million subscribers worldwide, testing of broadband networks has never been more important to ensure the quality of customer experience and reduce service calls. With devices becoming more mobile and cloud dependent and testing today’s broadband networks becoming increasingly complex, QA Cafe IP Test Solutions has announced a new era in testing of broadband networks with the release of its CDRouter Live, ahead of this month’s Broadband World Forum (21-23 October, Amsterdam).

A change in paradigm from traditional isolated laboratory testing, CDRouter Live lets vendors, providers, and their QA teams perform real-world, end-to-end testing of broadband devices in a live network.

“The reality is that laboratory testing will only go so far,” said Joe McEachern, CEO of QA Cafe. “There comes a time when you need to connect to your production network to find out how it’s really going to work for your customers. However, vendors and providers still want the control and automation of a lab environment when testing in a live network.”

The release of CDRouter Live is the latest achievement for QA Cafe, creator of the already popular CDRouter test platform, which has become the de-facto industry standard test platform for broadband devices.

“Chipset, OEM, and device vendors, plus service providers and their QA teams, use CDRouter every day to qualify their broadband networking equipment,” said McEachern. “It really has become the industry standard – our customers use CDRouter’s thousands of automated test reporting tools to demonstrate the quality of their products to themselves and their customers. CDRouter Live not only lets them test their device in a complete broadband network, but also addresses new environments that have not been testable before for end-to-end protocol functionality.”

These new environments are where CDRouter Live shines. For the new set of virtual devices that move some functionality out of the subscriber’s home and into the provider’s network, CDRouter Live lets users test both the subscriber devices and the virtual services they utilize. For devices that are cloud managed, or require access to dashboard software or other network services, CDRouter Live allows these devices to be connected to the resources they need in order to operate while being tested. Lastly, for mobile devices that require unique or expensive infrastructure in order to be tested properly, CDRouter Live enables the testing of these devices on the LTE or satellite links that are actually used in the real world.

“All in all, it’s an exciting time to be in the broadband industry,” said McEachern. “We hope our customers can take this new paradigm of testing and use it to bring their products to the next level of quality required for today’s demanding broadband world.”

QA Cafe will be hosting an ‘End-to-End Broadband Testing with CDRouter Live’ webinar on Wednesday 29 October, 9.30am – 10.30 EDT and 2pm – 3pm EDT. To find out how the solution is changing the way quality assurance works in the broadband world, please register for the webinar: http://www.qacafe.com/knowledgebase/webinar-end-to-end-broadband-testing-with-cdrouter-live/.

For more information about CDRouter Live, watch this video: http://www.qacafe.com/introducing-cdrouter-live/. To find out more about QA Cafe, visit www.qacafe.com or follow @qacafe on Twitter.

About QA Cafe

QA Cafe IP Test Solutions is a provider of broadband and IT test and analysis solutions. Based in Portsmouth, NH, its products include the industry standard CDRouter platform, which contains thousands of automated test cases for hundreds of broadband network and application protocols, and CloudShark, the world’s first web-based packet capture management and analysis software. To find out more, please visit www.qacafe.com.


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