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Qualcomm announces latest innovations at CES 2016

by david.nunes

Qualcomm announces latest innovations at CES 2016 

With CES underway in Las Vegas, Qualcomm Incorporated wanted to share with you a snapshot of the innovative announcements they have made at this year’s show. Please find a summary of these below, with links to the full releases:

Smart Home Reference Platform

Qualcomm has introduced a Smart Home Reference Platform, based upon the versatile Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 212 processor, that is designed to provide computing, voice recognition, audio, display, camera, connectivity, and control capabilities for home control hubs and smart speakers. This will extend to home appliances and multimedia devices as use cases evolve.

Cost-Optimised Snapdragon X5 LTE Modem (9×07)

Qualcomm has expanded its leading modem portfolio with the new X5 LTE modem (9×07). With multimode capability and supporting LTE Category 4 download speeds up to 150 Mbps, the modem is designed to be used in a range of mobile broadband applications and in IoT use cases that demand higher data rates.

Wi-Fi SON (Self Organizing Network) Solutions

Qualcomm has launched Qualcomm® Wi-Fi SON, the industry’s first comprehensive set of differentiation features for networking products that power smart gateways, wireless routers, range extenders and access points in conjunction with several OEMs. These include Airtight, Asus, D-Link, Linksys and TP-Link.

aptX HD

Qualcomm has launched Qualcomm® aptX™ HD, a newly enhanced codec that offers 24 bit music quality over a Bluetooth® wireless connection. Building on the existing aptX audio codec platform, which revolutionised the Bluetooth stereo listening experience, aptX HD is designed to enable audio manufacturers to meet the increasing demand for high resolution wireless audio.

Bluetooth Smart SoC

Qualcomm has launched a new Bluetooth® Smart 4.2 System-on-Chip (SoC) family specifically designed to help engineers meet the needs of today’s “always-on” world. The CSR102x family is optimised for specific applications in the Internet of Things (IoT), including wireless remote controls, simple smart watches, home automation solutions and beacons, where balancing performance, battery life and cost is critical.

802.11ad Multi-band Wi-Fi Ecosystem Products

Qualcomm has announced a number of new multi-band Wi-Fi products will be announced across networking, mobile and computing segments. These products are expected to lead the way for a robust ecosystem and underscore the importance of the greater capacity and speed that 802.11ad brings to the evolution of Wi-Fi. 

Tencent and ZEROTECH Unveil Commercial Drone Based on Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight Platform

Qualcomm, Tencent and ZEROTECH announced a commercial drone based on the Qualcomm® Snapdragon Flight™ platform. YING is an innovative drone that uses the Snapdragon 4K capture to “supersample” the video image, providing a stabilized, corrected video and picture recording at 1080P as well as first person view at 720p that can be directly streamed or uploaded to Tencent’s drone social community platforms Wexin and QQ.

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