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Qubit Launches Customer-Centric Experience Management Platform “Visitor Cloud”

by david.nunes

Qubit Launches Customer-Centric Experience Management Platform “Visitor Cloud”

– Anticipating the Era of Customer-Centricity, Qubit has Developed an Entirely New Platform to Help Internet Retailers Drive Conversions and Improve Digital Experiences

NEW YORK, March 10, 2015 – Just six months after securing $26 million in Series B funding led by Accel Partners, Qubit, the leading provider of global Customer Experience Management (CXM) technology, has announced the launch of its customer-centric CXM platform Visitor Cloud.

According to a 2014 Gartner survey on marketing’s role in customer experience, 89 percent of marketers expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience by 2016. The launch of Qubit’s Visitor Cloud serves as an answer to the increasing industry demand to successfully close the disconnected data loop, and provide unfettered access to superior customer management and experience delivery technologies.

Already implemented by top internet retailers such as Staples, Farfetch, Hobbycraft, and Arcadia Group’s Topshop and Topman, Visitor Cloud will drive customer experience to its highest degree by enabling entire businesses to access a data supply chain and real-time customer information wherever they are in the lifecycle.

The Visitor Cloud was built entirely from the ground up, resulting in a platform that is unique among marketing clouds. Anticipating the era of customer-centricity, Qubit constructed Visitor Cloud to allow companies complete access to its customer data – at every level – so the customer experience can be optimized at every brand touch point.

By integrating data from business-wide operations, organizations can now prevent customers from becoming lost in digital and data ‘dead-ends.’ Working to drive super-advanced customer experiences via the world’s first data supply chain built on HBASE, Visitor Cloud enables businesses to retrieve data four times faster than the blink of an eye.

“The Visitor Cloud is where we connect all of the information that relates to a visitor; all of their historical online and offline engagements with a brand,” said Qubit co-founder and CEO Graham Cooke. “Scaling up to use Cloud Native APIs means our customers can access best in class cloud technology and leverage our infrastructure for rapid deployment, low latency serving, vastly improving their customer’s interactions with the brands. This technology also means marketing teams can use the insights and real-time access to customer data to unleash their biggest, most creative ideas – ideas that delight and incentivize customers and drive a greater lifetime value.”

“Qubit is the only company completely focused on closing the customer data loop and eliminating data dead ends,” said Bruce Golden of Accel Partners and Qubit Board Member. “With Visitor Cloud, we can finally stomp out the issues caused by stop-gap marketing technology and provide organizations with limitless customer-centric visibility which will make their marketing and business decisions more precise and meaningful.” 

“Qubit has built a world-class integrated data platform from the ground up,” said Bernard Liautaud, Balderton Capital Partner and Qubit Board Member. “Because the technology was meticulously designed in response to real-time customer feedback, it is the best technology available globally that can help companies truly build a customer-centric business model for an organization’s digital business and deliver on it instantly.”

The Visitor Cloud enables marketers to create a ‘golden record’ of each customer with real-time knowledge and understanding of where that customer is in the lifecycle. This allows marketers to use Qubit’s market-leading business intelligence, segmentation and personalization applications as a blank canvas on which to focus their creativity.

About Qubit:

Qubit offers a blank canvas for businesses to deliver their big ideas. Whether it’s acting on data science or creating highly targeted personalizations, we fuel innovation and ensure marketers are never held back by digital roadblocks.

Our digital experience hub integrates analytics, segmentation, A/B testing, and web personalization with the Visitor Cloud, a real-time data supply chain connecting data across all your brand touch points through a single view of the customer. This infrastructure allows marketers to run powerful personalizations at scale involving multiple data sources, and it supports custom development by your engineering team.

Qubit has been recognized by Forrester as a marketing-centric technology with “proprietary, best-in-breed offering” for web and mobile analytics as well as testing and optimization. We’re trusted to deliver real impact to the bottom line for the biggest brands in ecommerce including TOPSHOP, Uniqlo, John Lewis, Hilton Hotels, Jimmy Choo, bebe, and Staples.

To date, we have received over $36 million in funding from Accel Partners, Balderton Capital, and Salesforce Ventures.


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