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QuBit OpenTag Launches Wordpress Plugin And Magento Extension For Universal Variable

by david.nunes

QuBit OpenTag Launches Wordpress Plugin And Magento Extension For Universal Variable

OpenTag Tag Management Solution continues to open up cross platform integration with new additions

21st August 2012: QuBit OpenTag (http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com/) today announced the launch of a Wordpress plugin and a Magento extension for Universal Variable. The two additions to the company’s class-leading OpenTag Enterprise Tag Management Solution reinforce the desire to provide an open-source tag management product which integrates across a variety of platforms.

The Wordpress plugin is designed to increase efficiency for developers when deploying a Tag Management Solution on the Wordpress platform, which is one of the fastest growing Content Management Systems. The plugin is easy to install direct from the Wordpress plugin administrator panel, allowing users the option to specify which OpenTag container to load synchronously or asynchronously.

The Magento extension allows Universal Variable to be easily implemented and automatically populated with data from your system, requiring minimal coding. Once populated, Universal Variable enables one click implementation of many 3rd party affiliates, analytics, PPC and other java script and pixel based tools via OpenTag, further reducing implementation time.

Both the plugin and new extension can be used freely with OpenTag. The OpenTag can be deployed either as a self-service or managed-solution and is used by brands such as Virgin Active and FT.com.

Graham Cooke, CEO of QuBit, said: “This announcement underlines QuBit’s devotion to bringing open-source tag management to as many people, on as many platforms, as possible.

“The global expansion of OpenTag is not limited to just extending the reach to multiple platforms. By unifying access to data using Universal Variable we are also hoping to simplify access to the wealth of information available to site owners. This will open up the benefits of Tag Management to a much wider audience.”

More information on both the Wordpress plugin and Magento extension can be found at http://www.opentag.qubitproducts.com/

About QuBit

Founded by four ex-Google product, engineering and marketing executives, QuBit is developing a new breed of data-driven website optimisation products. They have a direct focus on enabling businesses to automatically improve and personalise the online experience.

QuBit pioneers Customer Analytics, a new type of analysis that targets the user – this approach offers a true interpretation of the entire customer journey and allows businesses to fully understand consumer’s purchasing behaviours. This, coupled with advanced data collection, machine learning and processing techniques help businesses rapidly optimise website conversions – a key factor in driving sales and increasing profitability.

QuBit values agility and actionability – they’re able to make immediate improvements to business’ websites, as well as ensuring that their findings are directly linked to achieving prioritised business outcomes.

QuBit works with some of the UK’s largest ecommerce businesses and publishers to increase conversions, sales and profitability from their web operations.

The OpenTag Tag Management system and Universal Variables are available to download as open source code from https://github.com/QubitProducts/

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