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Quickchannel announces roadmap for streaming and webinar platform  

by Anthony Weaver

Stockholm, 14 June 2022 – Quickchannel, a provider of high-performance online streaming and recording services, has today announced its 2022 roadmap to enhance the customer experience as many businesses continue their use of online streaming services. 

With the platform having already undergone several exciting upgrades in the last year, 2022 not only marks 20 years of Quickchannel’s revolutionary technology, but also saw the platform provide a way for users to collaborate with multiple remote guest speakers. 

By integrating the service into its current platform, Quickchannel eradicates the technical and resource-demanding processes of the past to create one platform and one workload. Users will have the necessary tools to ensure efficiency in their work, with access to chat, polling, analytics, the ability to convert leads to sales prospects during live webinars and company branding. The layout is also adjustable according to the brand profile and adheres to the highest level of security.   

In a bid to ensure the platform is an engaging experience for its users, Quickchannel will also be focusing on the journey those using the tools will receive. This will include streaming pre-recorded material (fake lives), improved analytics and insights as well as enhanced viewer experience pre, during and after the event. 

From innovation to supplying a daily safe, easy to use, secure and intuitive marketing and sales tool, Quickchannel’s features go beyond just communication and operate as a well-rounded communication platform.  

With new features available from the summer, a customisable registration page with automatic confirmation email and CRM integration are among the additions that users can look forward to experiencing. 

Speaking on the future of the full-stack webinar platform, Viktor Underwood, CEO at Quickchannel, commented: “Our goal is to streamline the workflow for marketers, and the most recent step in the process is being able to introduce new features and enhancements for 2022. 

“We are extremely excited to not only be celebrating our 20th anniversary, but also setting new tools in motion to make the webinar experience the best it can be. The future for streaming is extremely bright and I look forward to seeing what our platform can achieve next.”  

For more details or to catch up online, please visit Quickchannel’s website here

About Quickchannel – Founded in Stockholm in 1995, Quickchannel has always been dedicated to delivering video and streaming solutions at the forefront of technology. The company helps organisations save time by reducing travel, money by reaching larger audiences and reducing the impact on the environment by embracing digital technology.  

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