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Quickchannel’s extended high quality video platform enables users to reach global audience from mobile and laptop devices

by Anthony Weaver

Stockholm, 4th May, 2021Quickchannel, a provider of high performance online streaming and recording services, has today announced the launch of WebRTC on its market-leading video platform, which allows users to live stream secure, branded and high quality video. As an open-source technology supported by renowned software brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, the launch of WebRTC means Quickchannel’s customers are able to stream content directly via a browser, with no need for hardware, downloads or plugins. 

Viktor Underwood, CEO at Quickchannel, says: “With the rapid pace at which technology continues to evolve, businesses are capitalising on web-based media streaming to get their message heard, promote new products and services, or even just engage with their teams. Now that more businesses are embracing remote working, customers are going to increasingly rely on video communication and live virtual events, which is why streaming directly from the browser is a valuable tool for internal and external company communication.”

WebRTC (Web Real Time Communication) provides a simple way to deliver professional streaming from any location simply by using a browser and a camera device, with no need for plugins, downloads or ancillary technologies. Users are able to book an event by logging on to the Quickchannel platform, use the ‘Live Control’ function to select video and audio inputs and go live as soon as the settings are to their liking.  

Quickchannel’s platform allows companies to brand their own player, have dual streams and offer engagement tools, such as polling and moderated chat. By taking advantage of the platform’s easy-to-use features, any conference room with USB video systems for Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be turned into a webinar studio by simply connecting the camera to Quickchannel. Media streams are secure and encrypted, making it the perfect option for training, conferences and sensitive communication.

Viktor concludes: “We always place special focus on user experience and our goal is to make communication more streamlined for our customers. With WebRTC now a key part of our offering, we believe that we’re in a strong position to deliver on this promise and one step closer to achieving our long-term vision of being the leading solution in video, streaming and recording solutions.”

About Quickchannel – Founded in Stockholm in 1995, Quickchannel has always been dedicated to delivering video and streaming solutions at the forefront of technology. The company helps organisations save time by reducing travel, money by reaching larger audiences and reducing the impact on the environment by embracing digital technology. 

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