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Quindell Portfolio Plc

(“Quindell”, the “Group”, and the “Company”)


Joint proposition will help Service Providers and Network Operators lower operational cost and increase efficiency – both by around 30 per cent

Quindell Portfolio Plc (AIM: QPP.L), the provider of sector leading expertise in software, consultancy and technology enabled outsourcing in its key markets, being Insurance, Telecommunications and their Related Sectors, has agreed a solution partnership with Global IT Innovator, NTT DATA in the UK, to help telecommunications Service Providers(SPs) and Network Operators improve their customer service delivery. The partnership will deliver Integrated Service Management transformation solutions that could help improve quality, reduce outages and save these companies 30 per cent in cost and efficiency.

NTT DATA’s expertise in telecoms consulting and systems integration capabilities will combine with Quindell Portfolio’s enterprise-class telecommunications Service Management platform (OS3) to deliver this transformation of service management.

Alastair Masson, Client Partner, NTT DATA in the UK: “End customers demand increasingly sophisticated products and services, so the technology to deliver them mustdevelop as well. Meeting this demand involves the convergence of traditional IT and network domains, which often brings a unique set of operational and service management challenges”

NTT DATA’s consultancy team helps companies implement the technology capability and manage this change – improving efficiencies, reducing service compromises and lowering customer churn along the way. The newly agreed solution partnership with Quindell Portfolio will help SPs and Operators realise a service driven, integrated IT approach to managing the customer’s experience.

Together the companies willdeliver business, operational, technology and data change aspart of a benefits-driven implementation for intelligent service management. This includes consultancy on business transformation, delivery management and technology integration capabilities.

Quindell is a specialist provider of business telecommunications services, including OS3, the first eTOM and ITIL3 compliant enterprise class Service management platformthat reduces the risk of technology integration and offers service management transformation.

Traditional technology and operating models cannot deal with the demands of a convergedservice environment. This makes it essential for telecommunications serviceproviders through to network operators to change the way they work. NTT DATA enjoys a strong working relationship with many leading telecommunications providers in the UK and across Europe offering consulting services and handling complex delivery services. The solution partnership with Quindell Portfoliowill enable us to offer our customers the very best in Service Management technology helping to effectively manage change, reduce outages and deliver an improved customer experience,” said Alastair Masson, NTT DATA in the UK.

Rob Terry, Chairman and Group Chief Executive of Quindellsaid: “Convergent services have set the scene for a new era in communication products providing a potential lifeline for traditional telephone companies and an opportunity for new entrants. However, as with traditional phone services, convergent services are also being rapidly commoditised, driving the urgentneed to lower cost of operations. Service providers also face challenges toimprove quality of service and increase operational agility to support the rapid expansion of new product offerings. The goal of this partnership is to provide service providers with transformational solutions to meet these requirements.”


About Quindell Portfolio Plc

Quindell Portfolio Plc is a provider of sector leading expertise in Software, Consulting and Technology Enabled Outsourcing in its key markets being Insurance, Telecommunications and their Related Sectors.

Quindell joined the market through Mission Capital Plc, now renamed Quindell Portfolio Plc.  The Company was readmitted to the market on 17 May 2011 following the acquisition of Quindell Limited prior to the immediate acquisition of Quindell’s technology and outsourcing partners.  In December 2011, Mobile Doctors Group Plc was acquired increasing 2012 run-rate revenue to over £50million. On the 1 April 2012, Ai Claims Solutions Plc became a subsidiary of Quindell, increasing run rate revenue to over £150 million.

Our Industry Sectors

In today’s digital world the line between traditional industry sectors continues to blur, however the focus on tight service management is common to them all. We believe that excellent customer service, tight cost control and integrated supply chain management is not the prerogative of any single industry sector and with our solutions in multiple industry sectors savings of over 20% against industry norms are being delivered to the bottom line.

Our Solutions

The pressures on an organisation can come simultaneously from multiple directions including the need to add customers, increase wallet share, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. At Quindell we have the People, the Processes and the Supply Chains, underpinned by our sophisticated Champion and Challenger Business Process Management Technology Platform and Industry Solutions to help our customers tackle these efficiently and effectively.

With a clear understanding that having the best products and services on offer is not always enough and that getting your customers to use or adopt them is key, effective conversion lies at the core of our unique Champion and Challengertools and techniques. Using these solutions Quindell has helped its customers achieve sales and service conversion rates ranging from 75% to 90%, way above industry norms. But life does not stand still, and complacency can kill anybusiness, so the embedded Champion and Challenger continual improvement focus of our Learning Solutions is at the heart of all we offer. Using our industry insight and expertise, Quindell takes the holistic view of our client’s challenges.

For example, when considering the Insurance industry today where 50% of the cost of an auto claim is associated with Personal Injury, including legal services,medical reporting and rehabilitation, it is clear that an organisation will not be able to achieve the levels of savings and customer satisfactiondesired without addressing the injury to the driver as well as the repair of the vehicle. This is why at Quindell we have designed our insurance solutions and supply chains to address the full end to end cycle, with the ability and expertise to treat an injured party as well as repairing their vehicle. This makes Quindell a truly unique and ethically based proposition for the insurance industry today.

Our Customers

Quindell Portfolio’s companies have worked with over 2000 brands from Small to Medium Enterprises and Blue-chip organisations around the globe. Today we count a number of the world’s top Insurance and Telecommunications blue chip companies within our client base, as well as hundreds of customer centric organisations working in both the distribution and supply of their services.

Our award winning Business Transformational, Software, Consulting and Outsourcing Solutions are recognised as delivering significant savings and additional sales to our customers every year.

For further information, please visit www.quindell.com


NTT DATA is your innovationpartner anywhere in the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, we have business operations in over 35 countries. Our emphasis is on long-term commitment, and combining global reach with local intimacy to provide premier professional services from consulting and systems development to outsourcing.

NTT DATA combines local flexibility and agility with centrally coordinated access toglobal resources. NTT DATA’s long-standing customer relationships are a testament to its ability to combine the best of both worlds: the scale and resources of a globally operating group, combined with local teams possessing deep market insight and expertise. This has allowed NTT DATA to meet customer needs all over the world, consistently exceeding their expectations for quality, timeliness, and local knowledge.

For more information, please visit www.nttdata.com

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