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Radius Payment Solutions Launches New Telecoms Division,  Radius Connect

by Desmond Dallen

Radius Payment Solutions Launches New Telecoms Division, 
Radius Connect

New telecoms provider delivers independent consulting, product advice and network service, building on more than 70,000 existing customers


1 July, 2020 – Crewe, United Kingdom – Radius Payment Solutions today launches Radius Connect, a converged technology, mobile and fixed line telecommunications provider to work with businesses across the UK on how they implement, connect and manage their operations. The new business brings together three acquisitions and provides customers with access to multiple telecommunications providers, mobile networks and technology solutions, as well as independent consulting services and implementation support.

The consolidated Radius Connect will have a subscriber base of over 70,000 customers across mobile and fixed line services. The company can provide services based on solutions from industry-leading technology providers like Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Avaya and 8×8, as well as services from BT, EE, Gamma, O2, and Vodafone.

Ray Ferris, Group Managing Director of Radius Connect, said: “Over the last six months we have integrated three established businesses to create Radius Connect. Using our combination of data, networking and industry insight means we can support companies of all sizes in getting the smartest approach to their operations, differentiating us and how we deliver value. We believe our buy and build strategy provides us with a unique opportunity to scale up our operations and achieve better results for our customers, so this is just the start of our rapid organic growth and further M&A activity over the next few months.”

David Hayward, Director, Radius Connect Solutions: “Our approach is based on giving customers access to a wide range of market leading products backed up with independent consultancy, installation services and award-winning customer service. From our previous regional success, we now have the backing of a company with a turnover of £2.5 billion, and expanded access to a fabulous product portfolio, which will enable us to accelerate our growth plans for the future both in the UK and internationally. We want to continue what made our customers happy, but across far more areas than we could have delivered in the past.”

Radius expanded its approach to telecoms through acquiring three companies to create Radius Connect -Pure Telecom, Trinity Maxwell and Reliance Networks. Each of the companies will bring their teams and service delivery arms to Radius Connect, providing a UK-wide capability covering companies across the City of London through to regional businesses and enterprises. The leadership team from Pure Telecom, including David Hayward, will work with Ray Ferris to lead the combined company forward using their established customer support and service methodology.

The new team at Radius Connect will support the company’s expansion in the UK and internationally. On top of this access to services and products through Radius Connect, Radius Payment Solutions’ diversification strategy across the group now means that the wider group can provide customers with a compelling range of products across telecoms, telematics, insurance and fuel cards.

With the UK government investing more than £65million in trials of 5G networking technology and committing to further expansion, the availability of faster networking is expected to support more efficient and more connected working practices for businesses across the country. Alongside the networking investment, the industries that Radius is involved in are all forecast to continue growing as companies seek to remain competitive and save on costs around their supply chain operations, telematics and fuel card management needs.

Radius is expanding its operations rapidly, with seven company acquisitions between November and December 2019 across telematics, telecoms and insurance services. The moves here support the company’s ambitious growth plans internationally. For example, Radius has quickly become the third largest telematics provider in Europe with over 150,000 vehicles under management.


About Radius Payment Solutions

Radius Payment Solutions is a British operating company with a global presence operating across five sectors. Radius provides a range of services for enterprises across the transport, supply chain and logistics markets:


  • Fuel payment cards for vehicle fleets, with over a million card users worldwide
  • Telematics systems with vehicle tracking devices and dashboard cameras on five continents
  • Corporate telecoms systems and hardware, installed and supported for more than 70,000 customers across the UK
  • Specialist insurance for businesses and vehicle fleets, with UK national coverage
  • Corporate charge cards for smaller vehicle fleets, backed by Mastercard


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