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Rail Europe website on the right track after choosing advanced web-optimisation solution

by david.nunes

Rail Europe website on the right track after choosing advanced web-optimisation solution


~ Online retailer invests in etracker solutions to observe, analyse and interpret the behaviour and sentiment of its visitors in real time ~


London, 12 January 2012 Rail Europe, the UK’s leading specialist in tickets and passes for rail travel around Europe, has chosen etracker’s Conversion Optimisation Suite that consists of five web-optimisation solutions to observe, analyse and interpret the behaviour and sentiment of its web visitors in real time. The travel retailer, who previously only used Google Analytics for monitoring basic website activity, has chosen etracker’s web analytics, mouse tracking, page feedback, surveying and multi-channel campaign analysis tools to give a complete 360° view of its web visitors.


Because of the nature of Rail Europe’s offering, with tickets covering Europe’s vast train network, the site has a large number of pages which all need to be optimised to reduce drop-off rates and drive sales. etracker’s solutions gives Rail Europe’s marketing team a comprehensive analysis of its entire website by combining the data from all five products into etracker’s Conversion Optimisation Suite. 


“etracker offers us a set of products that meet all our marketing needs,” said Stuart Alldis, Head of e-Commerce at Rail Europe. “We redesigned our website last summer but it’s vital that we don’t stand still and continue to improve the user experience. Being able to record and play back users’ entire sessions with Visitor Motion was particularly impressive and will give the team invaluable insight into what web visitors are doing on the site. By combining this with etracker’s other solutions the team will be able to continually optimise the site to increase customer satisfaction and improve sales.” 


Rail Europe was able to install, integrate and begin analysing web traffic within 24 hours. “One of the great things about the solution was how easily it was integrated,” continued Alldis. “A few simple transcripts were added to the site, with no need for engineers to get involved, so we were up and running incredibly quickly. The team also found the Conversion Optimisation Suite very easy to use so even though we’re now collecting much more real-time data it’s presented in a comprehensive way, allowing the team to action it immediately to improve the site.”


“We’re delighted that Rail Europe has invested in our complete portfolio of products,” said Christian Bennefeld, CEO, etracker. “By taking all of the tools Rail Europe will get a 360° view of its customers but won’t be drowned in disparate data as the Conversion Optimisation Suite provides a comprehensive analysis that can be easily understood by all levels of the marketing department.” 


etracker’s mouse-tracking solution, Visitor Motion, provides detailed behavioural analysis by recording all mouse movements, using innovative web overlays, and allowing users to play them back as a video. etracker’s Web Analytics allows real-time quantitative analysis of visitor behaviour. Visitor Voice surveys online customers to collect meaningful insight into what drives satisfaction with specific target groups and how well a site is doing with each demographic and in different areas, for example usability or content. Page Feedback allows users to give specific feedback on the page they are visiting at that very moment. This combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis allows Rail Europe to see what happens on its website, where it happened, how it happened and most importantly why it happens to  improve the site.


The company has also invested in etracker’s Campaign Control, a recently launched next-generation campaign analysis solution that gives website owners an efficient way of measuring and controlling all their online marketing initiatives in a single system and in real time. Rail Europe drives traffic to the website using a mixture of SEO, PPC and affiliate marketing campaigns. By showing the entire customer journey undertaken by website visitors Campaign Control enables Rail Europe to quickly identify which campaigns are most effective and allocate budget to maximise return on investment.


About etracker

With more than 110,000 clients, etracker, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany and with an office in the UK, is one of Europe’s leading providers of products and services for website and online-marketing optimisation.


etracker provides five highly integrated product lines with local support in UK and Germany. etracker Web Analytics allows real-time quantitative analysis of visitor behaviour. etracker Visitor Voice ascertains user needs and satisfaction levels through standardised user surveys. etracker Page Feedback allows highly accurate optimisation based on differentiated user feedback. The mouse-tracking solution, etracker Visitor Motion, records all user interaction on websites in detail and etracker Campaign Control is a campaign management system for optimal budget allocation.


etracker’s philosophy includes very high standards for the correct and confidential handling of customer data. etracker is regularly audited by external bodies in order to guarantee that its processing of data is compliant with European and German data-privacy legislation.


etracker’s reference customers include: Air Berlin, Brother, B.Braun, Burger King, Jack Wolfskin, Lufthansa WorldShop, Motel One, T-Online, UNICEF and United Domains.


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