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Rapid expansion of networks in Africa made possible through collaboration

by david.nunes

Rapid expansion of networks in Africa made possible through collaboration


2015 has brought renewed investment in IT & networking infrastructure with the focus remaining on Africa and its global investors to deliver, regardless of the downturn and recovery process. This is especially relevant to telecoms carriers, with the majority expecting significant returns from this emerging market.  

Considering the investments made in fibre networks, in particular, there has been an increase in solutions from carriers as a means to remain ahead of the fast changing demands of the market. With regards to executing and expanding fibre footprints, many carriers are looking to make use of partnerships to effectively deliver what their clients expect. These carrier investments and partnerships are critical, as businesses now require higher bandwidth fibre connectivity for Internet access and other related services.

“We are seeing a growing trend of collaboration,” says Edward Lawrence, Director of Business Development for Workonline Communications, an innovative pan-African service provider of fibre-based connectivity services. “Over the past three months we have seen a 100% growth in IPv6 traffic and peers; the IPv6 traffic increase on NAPAfrica over the last year has grown from 10 IPv6 peers with a 2 Mbps peak in Aug 2014, to 55 IPv6 peers and a 664 Mbps peak in August 2015.”

Lawrence says that if Africa is to meet its growth predictions and the global economy is to see returns on its investment, collaboration is essential. “The collaborative approach of global players leveraging regional network expertise accelerates the availability of high quality IP transit and connectivity, and ensures that their go-to-market rates remain relevant.”

“Through collaboration, we are able to extend the reach of our fibre-based connectivity to regions in the world where we are not present, while extending the reach of other global networks in sub-Saharan Africa. Our overall goal is to improve the quality of the Internet in Africa, while simultaneously driving down costs and increasing market penetration,” says Lawrence. 

Our international links connect South Africa to the rest of the world through all available routes, and are amplified by our partnerships with many of the world’s leading global tier 1 IP transit providers.

“This allows us to provide the lowest latency world-class transit services possible to our clients across sub-Saharan Africa. Through our multiple PoPs, we offer remote peering services to international and local exchange points, such as NAPAfrica, LONAP and LINX,” says Lawrence. “Collaboration of this kind ensures the stability, resilience and high quality of our global network.”

Workonline is a sponsor at Open Access, a ‘by invitation only’ event in Cape Town on 18 November. Hosted by Teraco, Africa’s only vendor neutral data centre, as well as the independent fibre network operator, FibreCo. The event will pull together the industry’s C-level executives from across Africa to increase collaboration between organisations, and discuss the developments in the Africa region to ensure alignment with global best practices and developments.

For more information on the Open Access event, visit https://events.bizzabo.com/OpenAccess2015 or contact Carla Sanderson on +27 (0)11 573 2800.

For more information on Workonline, visit www.workonline.co.za or contact Edward Lawrence on edwardl@workonline.co.za

About Workonline

Workonline Communications is an innovative pan-African terrestrial Network Service Provider. Founded in South Africa in 2006, Workonline is focused on providing connectivity and IP transit services to the wholesale market. Its customers include some of the world’s largest telecommunication companies. The company prides itself on the stability, resilience and redundancy provisions of its global network, which it operates according to the highest standards.

About FibreCo

FibreCo Telecommunications is an ambitious, carrier neutral, national network operator which was founded with the objective of enabling access to the true economic benefits of infrastructure ownership to the telecoms market through its unique Manage Fibre™ model.

FibreCo’s planned 12,000 km fibre-optic network will link major cities and towns across South Africa as well as maximise the opportunities afforded by the massive increase in international bandwidth capacity from undersea cables which allows South African businesses and end-users to fully experience the opportunities created by the rapid advances in voice, video and broadband applications worldwide.

About Teraco

Founded in 2008, Teraco (www.teraco.co.za) is Africa’s only vendor neutral data centre colocation operator. Teraco builds and operates its colocation data centres for the most demanding IT infrastructure requirements, including the increased power and cooling demands of today’s high-density cloud server computing environments backed by a 99.999% uptime guarantee. Client equipment and data centre environmental parameters are monitored 24×7 and staffed by specialists versed in all aspects of colocation facility management. Teraco has grown to include three state-of-the-art colocation data centres in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg and is also home to NAPAfrica (www.napafrica.net), a neutral layer two Internet peering exchange

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