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raw engineering Launches Mobile Conference App of the Future, Powered by Enterprise Mobile Backend built.io Running on VMware vCloud® Air™

by david.nunes

raw engineering Launches Mobile Conference App of the Future, Powered by Enterprise Mobile Backend built.io Running on VMware vCloud® Air™

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19, 2014 – Today, raw engineering announces availability of its built.io Conference App, the first industry solution powered by leading mobile platform built.io which runs on VMware’s hybrid cloud offering, VMware vCloud® Air™. Designed specifically for marquee events and enterprise conferences, the built.io Conference App uses cutting edge technology to enhance the digital and mobile experience for attendees, and provides unprecedented value to conference organizers.

Innovative features such as attendee ROI reports, beacon indoor navigation, realtime heatmaps and in-app concierge services facilitate a refreshing conference upgrade. Featuring a highly modular architecture, the app can be customized to suit the needs of each event and integrates seamlessly with popular event management software packages for registration, agenda and survey management.

“Until now, attendees were often disappointed by the mobile aspect of their conference experience,” said Neha Sampat, CEO of raw engineering. “Lackluster conference apps with cookie-cutter design – finally, they’re are a thing of the past. Enterprises can now complement their events with a custom app that is not just practical, but exciting to use. The built.io Conference App takes the mobile conference experience into the future.”

The built.io Conference App runs on VMware’s hybrid cloud platform, VMware vCloud® Air™, which offers customers unparalleled quality of service and total control over the IT environment behind the solution.

“Using VMware vCloud® Air™, raw engineering has created an application architecture that can help enhance the digital and mobile experience for attendees,” said Scott Collison, vice president, Hybrid Platform at VMware. “We look forward to working with the raw engineering team to power other dynamic, high-scale applications.”

The built.io Conference App formed the basis of the mobile application for the August VMworld 2014 U.S. conference in San Francisco as well as at VMworld 2014 Europe in October. The underlying mobile platform built.io combined with VMware’s vCloud Air infrastructure managed tens of thousands of attendees using the app simultaneously, processing millions of API calls and tracking hundreds of millions of data points.

Drawing on years of experience building high-end event and conference applications, raw engineering curated the industry’s most popular features and best practices to create a compelling enterprise solution. Created with built.io, the application inherits the mobile capabilities of the underlying mobile platform, including:

  • A business user friendly content management system for realtime in-app content changes
  • Unlimited notifications with built-in attendee segmentation and targeting for sophisticated in-app messaging and offers
  • Advanced analytics and reports for actionable business insights
  • Social integration to capture and respond to feedback on social channels

raw engineering complements the extensive catalog of pre-built feature options with its experienced professional services team, which is able to accommodate custom design and development requests.

The built.io Conference App is sold directly by raw engineering and is also available via the VMware vCloud Air Marketplace. It is available globally along with 24×7 monitoring and on-site support. Find out more here:


or in the press kit:


About built.io
built.io is raw engineering’s award-winning mobile and web application development platform. By providing built-in enterprise app functionality, such as mobile notifications, geolocation, analytics, social integration and content management, built.io enables developers to deliver powerful apps in record time. built.io powers the entire application backend — servers, cloud infrastructure, database — and has been proven to deliver worry-free scaling and reliable availability to Fortune 500 companies and startups alike. Learn more at www.built.io.

About raw engineering, inc.
raw engineering is a software technology company headquartered in San Francisco specializing in mobile app and web application development in the cloud. Since 2007, raw engineering has helped Fortune 500 and startups alike deliver apps, which today are used by millions of users around the world. Core development expertise includes iOS, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, Node.js, Xamarin, .NET and related technologies. Learn more at www.raweng.com.

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