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adesso launches Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Munich Re

by david.nunes

adesso launches Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Munich Re

Dortmund, July 22, 2013 – At the end of 2011, the Life Reinsurance and Corporate Insurance Partner (CIP) operations teams at Munich Re decided to implement a new CRM system with the help of the company’s in-house IT department. The world’s largest reinsurer entrusted IT service provider adesso AG with the project. Thanks to the use of agile project methods, Microsoft Dynamics CRM was rolled out internationally in just six months.

Hazards do not stop for border control, insurance claims have no regard for business hours: Munich Re has long been working successfully as a direct insurer and reinsurer in a global environment subject to constant change. A high degree of flexibility, the use of the most modern technology, and the finest data security are of utmost importance, especially in client management. Munich Re has high demands of its CRM system, as it recognizes that the efficient processing of customer relationships is becoming more and more important in the insurance business. The new application gathers all the information about active worldwide customers. Those responsible for the Reinsurance and Corporate Insurance Partner divisions were no longer satisfied with the client management systems in use. One problem was the use of numerous decentralized solutions, which only displayed partial aspects of customer relationships. The goal was to replace these multiple programs with a uniform CRM system and to standardize processes across the board. This was achieved through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution was launched in various domestic and international locations with the help of IT service provider adesso AG. The application is centrally operated from and supported by the headquarters in Munich.

The project team at Munich Re was impressed both by the look and the functional diversity of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. The similarity in appearance to Microsoft Office eases initial use and day-to-day operation.
Under the surface is a modern system for customer relationship administration. Many functions that Munich Re previously spread across different IT solutions come as standard with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

On the basis of the standard build, adesso also developed solutions matching Munich Re’s specific requirements when it comes to security, efficiency, and information depth. adesso’s Microsoft experts, with their high levels of technical awareness and product expertise, took over the design and implementation of the new CRM system. An important building block in the project was the development of security and user authorization concepts, a sensitive theme in the field of insurance. Furthermore, workflows and dialogues were also added to the CRM solution to accelerate processes and communication for all employees in the client management process. Selected parts of the CRM’s underlying data model were expanded to ensure better client characterization.

The experts needed only six months from the pilot installation to final implementation. In this time span, the system was fully customized in accordance with Munich Re’s processes and rolled out in over 20 international branches. This comparatively short implementation phase was accomplished thanks to the modern project approach. “We systematically pursued an agile approach in the development and implementation phases,”
explained Kai Uwe Ernst, Head of Microsoft Consulting Services at adesso.
“Weekly working group meetings were particularly important and offered an opportunity to discuss new functions and, if necessary, incorporate them into the product backlog. On the basis of this groundwork, our Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts customized the system step by step and expanded the MS Dynamics standard to the client’s specifications via Dynamics Solutions.”

The new system is completely integrated into Munich Re’s IT network. Data is inputted from different sources – such as SAP Business Partner – and then collated in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Business relationships, contacts, documents, activities, and client meetings are all recorded in a clear and concise manner.

Beat Bindig, Project Manager for the CRM product at Munich Re, is pleased with the results: “In spite of a sophisticated design and implementation phase, short time frame, and an international framework, adesso’s CRM experts really delivered the goods. For us at Munich Re, this project was absolutely pivotal: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the first customer relationship management system deployed on a global scale in our 132-year history, and it underlines the paradigm shift in Munich Re’s customer management system to a more client-centered approach.”

About adesso AG

adesso is one of the leading IT service providers in the German-speaking area and focuses its consulting and software development activities on a company’s core business processes. adesso’s strategy is based on three
pillars: the deep industry-specific know-how of its staff, the comprehensive expertise in technology and the application of reliable methods in software implementation projects. Following this approach, adesso develops superior IT solutions, which enhance the competitive position of a company.

adesso was founded in Dortmund in 1997 and employs more than 1,100 members of staff in eleven offices. The share is listed on the regulated market.
Some of the most important customers are Allianz, Hannover Rück, Union Investment, Westdeutsche Lotterie, Swisslos, Zurich Versicherung, DEVK and DAK.

For additional information, please visit www.adesso.de or:


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