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Axiros Announces the Global Release of AXESS.ACS As a Service

by david.nunes

Axiros Announces the Global Release of AXESS.ACS As a Service

—TR-069 Device Management Solution Now Available Worldwide via the Cloud —


Munich, Germany – Axiros, a technology leader in advanced service and device management, announced today that its flagship product, the AXESS.ACS TR-069 device management solution, is now available on a hosted platform. AXESS.ACS as a Service provides the same rigorous functionality as the original but in a cloud-based format.

AXESS.ACS as a Service was designed specifically for small to medium-sized Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and is available by subscription or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Customer benefits include rapid deployment, security management, real time support and zero touch provisioning. Additional benefits include:

·      Lower Costs. There are no licensing fees and because Axiros manages the IT infrastructure, IT costs are significantly reduced.

·      Easy Upgrades. Axiros manages all updates and upgrades, eliminating the need for customers to download or install patches. And, because Axiros oversees availability, customers do not have to add hardware, software or bandwidth as the device base grows.

·      Seamless Integration. The Axiros multi-tenant architecture scales to meet customer demand. Customized capabilities are available to meet specific needs.

Additionally, Axiros offers a seamless transition should the time come when a company wants or needs to transition from Axiros’ software as a service (SaaS) to their in-house solution platform, AXESS.ACS.

AXESS.ACS as a Service was introduced through a pilot program in Germany last year and was so well-received that Axiros immediately launched plans to release it worldwide. “There is a real demand from smaller ISPs for an affordable, high-level device management service that is scalable, accessible and cost-effective,” says Axiros CEO Kurt Peterhans. “As the market leader in Europe, we have a proven track record with our AXESS.ACS. Bringing it to the cloud was a logical next step for us.”

He notes that with data centers in Europe, the United States, Switzerland and South Africa, Axiros is able to immediately address the global demand for hosted ACS. “Already, we’re adding about one new customer per month,” he said.

With AXESS.ACS as a Service, ISPs are able to manage devices and services over xDSL, PON, WiMAX, cable and FTTx. And, like all Axiros products, it boasts the company’s interoperability guarantee, meaning that all TR-069 standard compliant devices can and will be managed. To request specific information on AXESS.ACS as a Service, please visit http://www.axiros.com/request


About Axiros

Axiros provides device and service management solutions across fixed and mobile networks for consumer, enterprise and M2M markets.  Axiros solutions are scalable, flexible, modular and –most importantly – open, giving providers the ability to manage and support any protocol, any device, any service – at any time.

Distinguished by domain expertise and innovation, coupled with world-class software design, Axiros uniquely delivers the robust management capabilities and solutions service providers need today and in the future, as demand and complexity associated with new services grows.

Founded in 2002, Axiros is based in Munich, Germany with sales offices in Italy, Russia, Brazil and New York. www.axiros.com

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