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BT Diamond IP Signs a Distribution Agreement with ASM Technologies

by david.nunes

BT Diamond IP Signs a Distribution Agreement with ASM Technologies

BT Diamond IP’s range of IPv4/IPv6 address management solutions now available to the UK & EMEA IT channel via ASM Technologies

Resellers now armed to manage the IPv4/IPv6 transition

1st August 2013, London: BT Global Services’ Diamond IP service and ASM Technologies, the agile technology distribution company for the IT channel, today announced a distribution agreement.  BT Diamond IP is a leading provider of DHCP, DNS, and IPAM (DDI) software, appliance and managed services solutions.  Through partnering with the distributor ASM Technologies in the UK and the majority of EMEA countries, BT Diamond IP’s full range of IPv4/IPv6 address management product solutions will be available to a significant client base of systems integrators and Value-Added Resellers (VARs).

BT Diamond IP is part of the BT Connect portfolio of products and services which enable customers to intelligently manage their data networks. With nearly 20 years of experience in IPAM, BT Diamond IP delivers the world’s most integrated and reliable IP address management appliances, software and managed services for enterprises, service providers and governments. The partnership with ASM will allow BT to concentrate on their own core Global Services customers whilst ASM and their resellers address markets not yet approached by BT Diamond IP. This will increase the breadth of customers that BT Diamond IP can address. ASM partners and resellers will increase the market exposure of this market leading product.

IP address management (IPAM) tools are increasingly important as organisations manage multiple IP services and begin to plan and deploy IPv6. As the “lifeblood” of the internet, Internet Protocol (IP) underpins all communication over the internet. As IPv4 address space exhausts, IPv6 deployment is essential to ensure the internet’s continued reliability and performance. For enterprises this means they must ensure their infrastructure, services and applications are IPv6 compatible to support deployment of IPv6 address space, while maintaining their existing IPv4 infrastructure investment. IP address management tools from BT Diamond IP help to manage this process.

The partnership between BT Global Services and ASM Technologies brings a number of significant advantages to BT Diamond IP customers. This includes offering localised support from trained experts. Ultimately, this will speed up time to market and shorten repair times for customers. ASM Technologies is a unique technology distribution company in the IT sector, offering the IT channel access to a broad portfolio of over 800 manufacturers, vendors and publishers from over 2,500 suppliers, through one single supplier interface.

The partnership between BT and ASM will drive the sales of IPAM software, hardware and services into the mid and upper markets across the region. The addition of BT Diamond IP to ASM suppliers adds a major new supplier to the many emerging technologies and specialised vendors already available through ASM’s supplier rationalisation services.

“Deployment of IPv6 should be among the key target milestones for customers to keep pace with the continuous evolution of the internet,” states Michael Dooley at BT Diamond IP and author of the IPv6 Deployment and Management book. “Our most recent IPv6 industry survey[1] suggests that over half of the world’s enterprises are already deploying or plan to deploy IPv6 across all or part of their networks by 2015. This is a significant market opportunity as enterprises may require assessment, planning and deployment assistance to deploy IPv6 as smoothly as possible without disrupting their critical network infrastructure. We are pleased to have partnered with ASM Technologies to bring our range of IP management solutions to further expand our presence in the UK market.”

Iain Tomkinson, Sales Director at ASM Technologies, said: “BT Diamond IP is a worldwide market leader in IP address management and we are proud to offer their solutions to all of our channel customers via our technology distribution network. The clock is ticking on IPv4 so there has never been a better time for enterprises to make the transition.”

ASM’s distribution agreement with BT Diamond IP covers the following countries in Europe and Africa:





Czech Republic



Central African Republic
















South Africa




Russian Federation





United Kingdom

About ASM Technologies

ASM Technologies rationalises suppliers and consolidates technology spend associated with indirect, non-core and ‘tail end’ suppliers for the IT channel. With access to a broad portfolio of over 800 manufacturers, vendors and publishers from over 2,500 suppliers, ASM customers gain sustainable cost savings, efficiencies, economies of scale and a more proactive methodology of accessing commodities across the global market place. ASM’s channel-only model has proved to deliver long term benefits direct to the bottom line for systems integrators, value-added resellers (VARs), software publishers, hardware vendors and maintenance providers.

From software to server spares, peripherals to print and connectivity to consumables, ASM Technologies has a solution that will cut costs and add real value to the supply chain.


About BT Diamond IP

BT Diamond IP is a leading provider of software and appliance products and services that help customers effectively manage complex IP networks. With an exceptional combination of networking, business and communication technology expertise, BT Diamond IP delivers some of the world’s most integrated and reliable appliance and software products and services to meet the most demanding technical and business requirements. BT Diamond IP’s advanced IP management solutions help businesses more efficiently manage IP address space across mid-to-very large sized networks, and BT Diamond IP’s cable firmware management software helps broadband cable operators automate and simplify the process of upgrading and maintaining firmware on DOCSIS devices in the field. Customers include regional, national and global service providers and enterprises in all major industries. For additional information, please visit http://btdiamondip.com or call +1-800-390-6295 in the US or +1-610-423-4770 worldwide.


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