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cVidya Presents the World’s Largest Centralized Revenue Assurance Deployment With a Tier-1 Mobile Operator in APAC

by david.nunes

cVidya Presents the World’s Largest Centralized Revenue Assurance Deployment With a Tier-1 Mobile Operator in APAC

MoneyMap® installation covers hundreds of millions of subscribers and processes over 10 billion CDRs per day

London, September 4, 2012 – cVidya Networks, (www.cvidya.com) a global leader and innovative provider of Revenue Intelligence solutions for Telecom, Media and Entertainment service providers, announced today that they have completed the first 2 phases of the world’s largest Revenue Assurance deployment with a Tier-1 mobile operator in APAC. MoneyMap covers the mobile operator’s overall subscribers in 20+ service areas under a single, centralized installation. In addition, over the next four years, cVidya will support the Revenue Assurance operations team as a managed service.

Within just one year cVidya has managed to provide a centralized Revenue Assurance solution that covers all of the operator’s service areas. The solution handles more than 10 billion CDRs per day currently and is expected to handle an additional 6 billion CDRs by 2014 thereby making it the largest Revenue Assurance installation worldwide. MoneyMap coverage, which includes prepaid, postpaid, roaming, interconnect, subscriber & other configurations, as well as Rating and Billing Verification, identifies leakages in near real-time. According to the operator’s estimates, cVidya has already recovered revenues of 55% percent of the identified company’s yearly leakages and 0.5% of the company’s yearly revenues yielding full ROI within the first 4 months of installation. In addition, the centralized nature of the solution has helped to significantly reduce operational costs for Revenue Assurance.

“This is a major achievement for us”, commented Alon Aginsky, CEO and president of cVidya. “We were able to roll out one of the world’s largest, single Revenue Assurance installations within a short period of time for one of the largest telecom operators worldwide. Our strong relationship with our client along with MoneyMap’s capabilities, made this project a great success. cVidya is ranked by leading research firms among the top RA & FM vendors worldwide and we continue to be ahead of the market with our innovative and customer-driven approach.”

MoneyMap enables operators to correlate and consolidate information from all network, operations and business systems. Through an on-going process, it automatically detects problem areas which impact profitability as a result of revenue leakage, data inconsistencies or resources that are not being used efficiently. Once MoneyMap identifies the areas of revenue leakage and resource inefficiency, it provides the operator with tools to promptly correct and manage the problems to achieve profit maximization.

About cVidya Networks

cVidya Networks is a global leader of Revenue Intelligence solutions for telecom, media and entertainment service providers. Innovative cVidya solutions serve to maximize margins, improve customer experience and optimize ecosystem relationships by encompassing Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Operational Risk Management & Compliance, Sales Performance Management and Pricing Analytics.

The cVidya experts and consultants have established a stellar track record by achieving rapid ROI and lower TCO for over 150 customers. Operating regional offices worldwide, cVidya has partnered with leading vendors to implement an impressive base of operational solutions. cVidya’s customers include British Telecom, Telefonica Group, Vodafone Group, AT&T, O2, MTN and Swisscom. Follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter or visit us at www.cvidya.com and YouTube.

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