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Mapping the health and wellness of the IT industry in the UK

by david.nunes

Mapping the health and wellness of the IT industry in the UK

iGlobalWellness launches nationwide initiative to map, illustrate and improve the health of our workforce

London, UK – This year, iGlobalWellness, the UK’s leading provider of corporate health and wellness programmes, is leading the way with a ground-breaking new initiative.


iGlobalWellness is carrying out a comprehensive evaluation of the health and wellness levels of each sector in the UK’s 29million strong workforce and is currently launching it’s programme for the IT industry. The objective of this unique initiative is not only to map the current health position of each industry but to support the whole UK workforce in improving their overall health and wellbeing.


Today, iGlobalWellness is launching the IT sector Stay Active Challenge where companies will be invited to challenge themselves against others in the industry, by improving their daily activity levels as much as possible. As a result, a Wellness Scale, unique to this sector, will be generated allowing companies to measure their own health and wellness in the context of the whole industry.


The information gathered from this specific programme and the full nationwide initiative will provide a valuable pool of data on the health, wellness, activity and fitness levels of an extensive range of industry sectors providing essential insight into the health and wellbeing of the UK.


How will the IT sector Stay Active Challenge work?


· The aim of the Stay Active Challenge is for participants to achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle by making long term positive changes to their behaviour


· The IT sector Challenge is exclusively for companies from the IT sector, allowing companies to enjoy friendly competition against others in their industry


· Teams of 5 enter into Challenge, competing against each other for 11 weeks


· Challenges commence monthly and companies enter at their preferred time


· Participants are challenged to increase their daily activity levels AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE and be the most active organisation in their industry


· The team with the biggest activity increase wins – Sector winners are announced at the end of 2013


· ANY activity counts in the Stay Active Challenge, big or small – walk the dog, do the gardening, jog in your lunch hour, play a game of football, cycle to work, run a marathon, go sky-diving – THE CHOICE IS YOURS


· Participants wear the iAM, a revolutionary wireless activity monitor exclusive to iGlobalWellness which measures speed and intensity of movement, combined with calorie burn and metabolic information. Every activity can be measured and converted to points – far superior to using a pedometer!


· Participants receive support form a Personal Wellness coach, nutrition and dietary advice plus regular ideas and tips on how to get active and stay active


· As a corporate Challenge, not only will the individual participant benefit, but employers will see the benefits of healthier, more productive and motivated employees


Affinion International, provider of loyalty and customer engagement solutions, has already participated in the Stay Active Challenge and companies from across the IT industry are invited to join them.


Russell Tomlin, iGlobalWellness’ Chief Executive says, ‘iGlobalWellness are excited to launch the IT sector Stay Active Challenge in 2013. We believe that the time is ripe for this evaluation into the UK’s workforce and that exciting, informative and valuable data will be gathered as a result. We look forward to welcoming companies to take part in this exciting programme.’


The next Stay Active Challenge starts on 29 March 2013, with subsequent challenges running every month. For more information visit www.stayactivechallenge.com.


About iGlobalWellness

iGlobalWellness is a leading supplier of the next generation of corporate wellness programmes. Where other programmes may engage only a small group of people, iGlobalWellness’ programmes have been specifically designed to get ALL employees involved. They are inclusive, engaging, sustainable and most importantly fun. iGW uses advanced technology, interactive web resources and personalised support to encourage staff to become more active and develop healthier lifestyles.

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