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Nativ removes cost and complexity of enterprise MAM and workflow with launch of Mio SaaS at NAB 2013

by david.nunes

Nativ removes cost and complexity of enterprise MAM and workflow with launch of Mio SaaS at NAB 2013

Enterprise MAM, workflow and collaboration now available in a SaaS model

Nativ NAB booth:  SU11621

London, 18 March 2013 – Nativ has today announced the launch of Mio SaaS, the first true SaaS-based media asset management and workflow solution with built-in social collaboration and frame accurate media access.

The Mio SaaS platform represents an entirely new way of accessing Nativ’s award-winning asset management, workflow and collaboration solution. This CAPEX-free option enables content owners and studios to access the advanced features that Mio has to offer without the investment in hardware, software or project costs. Users will pay for the enterprise-grade solutions they use on a transactional basis with costs scaling up or down according to the volumes being ingested, stored, repurposed and distributed.

Based on the latest version of Nativ’s MioEverywhere platform, this is the only SaaS MAM and workflow solution in the market that combines:

· Integrated remote ingest and delivery

· Enterprise asset management

· Social and collaboration features

· Workflow design and orchestration

· Content repurposing and distribution

· Frame-accurate, web-based logging

· Advanced VoD packaging and delivery

The launch of Mio SaaS comes off the back of increased interest from media companies wanting to take advantage of file based workflows and enterprise asset management without the license and project setup costs. In today’s rapidly changing marketplace, companies need to take advantage of automated workflows to lower costs and handle greater volumes of content, but the barrier to entry and risk of implementation is often too high. Mio SaaS removes all of this and provides a low risk way to benefit from advances in media management without the huge price tag and lengthy timeframes.

The TV and film industries know how to embrace innovation in order to do what they do best and that is to create and deliver great TV and movies. By streamlining processes and lowering the barriers to entry these companies will be able to enhance their ability to process time-critical content accurately and cost effectively,” said Nativ CEO Jon Folland. “Mio SaaS will enable users to scale up or down as required as usage costs vary according to the volume of ingested, stored, repurposed and distributed content. With that in mind I am really looking forward to introducing Mio SaaS at NAB this year.”

Nativ will be highlighting how easy it is to ingest, store, repurpose and deliver large volumes of audio and video content with demonstrations of its new Mio SaaS solution at its NAB stand SU11621 from 8-11 April.

About Nativ

Nativ (www.nativ.tv) removes the cost and complexity of managing and delivering content.  By taking back control of their high value assets, content owners can manage their entire content workflow, from creation to consumption, with Nativ’s MioEverywhere platform. This means they can be quicker to respond to rapidly changing consumer demands for more content, in more formats on more devices.

MioEverywhere is a scalable and robust platform that cost-effectively manages a company’s entire content processes in one place. Purchased as an enterprise or SaaS solution, MioEverywhere allows content owners to:

· Remotely ingest video and audio content – while validating that it’s in the right format (even before it leaves your desktop)

· Manage all assets – with enterprise-class archiving, extensible metadata, tagging, shot-logging, deep indexing and searching

· Automate all workflows – enable global media collaboration and accelerate every process while cutting costs

· Repurpose content, and distribute it – to all web channels, mobile devices, consoles, VoD platforms, in-store kiosks and beyond

· Assess the impact – with easy-to-understand and relevant metrics.

Nativ is helping some of the world’s biggest brands, including EMI,TV2, Tag, Nordisk, and Audi optimise the efficiency of their media management operations and maximise the use of their skilled internal resources.

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