Telstra Global invests in next generation 100G technology for a better connected Asia

Telstra Global today announced it will deliver additional capacity on the UNITY cable route by adding new 100 Gigabit per second submarine cable technology.

UNITY is a key Trans-Pacific route for Telstra Global to service customers in and out of the Asia Pacific region and will form one of the core routes for its transmission and IP backbone worldwide. The new 100G technology provides the scalability and diversity to meet the increasing business demands of Telstra’s Trans-Pacific and Asia Pacific customers.

UNITY will be one of the first Trans-Pacific cables to be equipped with 100G technology and today’s announcement represents a breakthrough in optimising 100G transmission over the 9,600km route from Japan to USA.

Telstra Global President and Managing Director Mr Martijn Blanken said this announcement demonstrated Telstra’s commitment to continually developing its network to meet customers’ requirements.

“This is just one of the many projects we are working on to ensure our network is always growing, improving and providing world class services. Our customers can be certain that by using the Telstra Global network they have the best telecommunications technology at their fingertips,” Mr Blanken said.

“Our job, as a trusted network supplier, is to ensure we are adapting and creating capacity where it is required. Demand for network services in the Asia Pacific region is growing exponentially. We are always working to deliver new technologies to ensure we have a strong connected Asia.”

UNITY is a five fibre pair Trans-Pacific cable system linking Chikura cable station in Japan and One Wilshire, the premier carrier building in Los Angeles. This investment aims to meet the growing bandwidth demands and business requirements of Telstra’s customers across Asia, Australia and the USA.

About Telstra Global

Telstra Global is a leading global supplier of managed network services and international data, voice and satellite services. It is a division of Telstra Corporation Limited and owns one of the most technologically advanced IP backbone networks in the world.

Telstra Global provides innovative and flexible global communications services and solutions for organisations looking to maximise the benefits of globalisation, particularly across growth regions such as Asia, whilst driving sustainability and enhancing business agility.

Together with its offshore subsidiaries and international investments, Telstra Global serves companies spanning Asia Pacific, EMEA and the Americas. It operates award-winning networks which are amongst the largest and most diverse in Asia Pacific. It has licences in Asia, Europe and the US and facilitates access to over 1,400 PoPs in 230 countries and territories across the globe.