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The Launch Of Industry’s First Big Data ‘Predict, Identify And Resolve’ Applications suite

by david.nunes


– Proven blue chip technology partner provides an enterprise vision and real-time view of big data performance and possibilities

– Companies must be able to predict and automatically action behaviour events before events occur, says SysMech MD

SysMech, the big data applications company, has announced the launch of its Zen™ Big Data Applications Family. The Zen portfolio of products combines the necessary infrastructure for CIOs to visualise, analyse and action real-time problems and incidents, and optimise the value of all events across their business network. Previously proven at blue chip telco and mobile network operators, the Zen Family has been developed to fill the traditional gap between a business view of network performance and the real customer experience. The Family is supported by leading players from the big data processing environment, and integrates with both Hadoop and HP/Vertica, high performance technology platforms.

The Zen™ Family, which was behind the cell site optimisation, capacity planning and monitoring of the London 2012 Olympics, comprises:

· ZenETL™ (Extract, Transform and Load), the any volume, any data, real-time acquisition module of the Zen Family.

· ZenRSA™ (Real-Time Streaming Analytics), providing ‘in-flight’ analysis of raw data, enabling dynamic decision and action capabilities.

· ZenBDA™ (Big Data Analytics), enables applications to access, report and analyse big data volumes of atomic historical data.

· ZenBI™ (Business Intelligence), utilises Tableau to provide the latest technology for visualising, and exploring the analytic output of the Zen Family.

Turkcell, uses SysMech’s Zen suite to optimise its network service performance because for Turkcell, “Providing quick and effective monitoring of the voice and data network, and the management of performance data, is vital.”

“Every now and again we hear of a high profile corporate incident, which causes catastrophic fall out and brand damage, be it for example a network outage, or just human error,” said Rob Green, MD at SysMech. “With the power of big data applied correctly, the data behind these incidents should be visible in real-time at the heart of a company’s operations, with the ability to also adjust and fix in real-time, integrated within the same infrastructure.”

“With technology available today, we have enabled companies to predict potential weak points or serious events, in advance. This is where the big data debate should be heading – on the value, over the hype, big data has great value when its serves an identified business application” he concluded.

SysMech, provides big data applications and platforms to address the growing market for high volume data, typically generated by machine.

With a proven track record in the telco sector, SysMech supplies major network providers with patented real-time analysis and optimisation as they struggle with the ever-increasing network loads generated by smart phones. SysMech’s Zen™ Family provides a unified and scalable service assurance solution, correlating network performance with customer experience and network faults.

Founded in 1994, the company is privately owned and its world-wide customer base includes Vodafone, Swisscom, TeliaSonera and Turkcell.

You can follow updates from SysMech on Twitter @SysMech, LinkedIn, or read their thoughts on The SysMech Blog Zone.

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