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Real-Time Cell Awareness Key to Sweating Mobile Network Assets

by david.nunes

Real-Time Cell Awareness Key to Sweating Mobile Network Assets

Dublin, IRELAND April 24th, 2012 – CommProve, a leading provider of network monitoring and business solutions for mobile networks, today argues that real-time cell-awareness is the key to mobile network operators simultaneously increasing ARPU whilst preventing OTT revenue erosion.

Combined with policy management, real-time cell awareness provides mobile operators with the opportunity to customize subscriber quality of experience with – for example – speed boosts and priority network use on a per subscriber or application basis.

Speaking at the Policy Control & Real Time Charging conference, Dr Lars Pedersen, CommProve CEO, said: “Adding real-time intelligence at the individual cell level is crucial for operators that want to best utilize their existing network assets to improve the subscriber experience.”

With more and more mobile subscribers demanding content on their own terms, operators are under increasing pressure to improve the customer experience while at the same time reduce operational costs.

Real-time cell awareness enables real-time customization of the subscriber experience. For the first time effective policy control can be implemented and managed minute-by-minute at the subscriber level.

CommProve predicts that advanced operators will use cell awareness solutions to manage customer engagement and increase ARPU, while creating a platform to differentiate their services and prevent revenue erosion.

By including real-time cell awareness operators can:

Make CapEx savings – cells can often operate at capacities as low as 25 per cent without operators being alerted, as they do not have the appropriate tools to monitor cell capacity. Maximizing the traffic load on existing network infrastructure saves CapEx from deferred capacity growth.

Avoid revenue leakage – leakage from subscribers not being able to access resources can also be substantial.

Reduce subscriber churn – with real-time visibility of subscriber QoE, operators can better manage customer satisfaction and subsequently address any churn issues.

Offer premium services based on real-time visibility of the subscriber QoE, operators can offer real-time premium services and drive incremental revenue growth.

To understand more about how real-time cell awareness can drive CapEx savings in your network, increase revenue and improve subscriber QoE contact: info@commprove.com.




About CommProve


CommProve enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to control financial performance, quality of experience and network performance using real-time cell awareness. The CommProve NetLedge platform provides real-time data acquisition and mediation while the CommProve Insight application suite collects and analyzes network usage information and integrates it with business rules and subscriber data to enable operators to maximize both customer satisfaction and profitability.


Headquartered in Ireland, and privately held since it was founded in 1996, CommProve customers include H3G, Telecom Italia, TIM Brazil and Vodacom. For additional information please visit www.commprove.com.



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