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Real-time policy control helps to keep fickle customers

by david.nunes

Paderborn (Germany) 14 September 2010: Real-time convergent charging is becoming much more important because operators are beginning to offer third-party content. When errors occur in this business, operators may be forced to pay partners, but are unable to collect revenue from their subscribers – which would be by far the worst to happen to the operator. The demand for integrated real-time policy and charging solutions, enabling operators to offer more flexible pricing models, such as variable pricing based on time of day or the subscriber’s location, is on the rise. Unifying policy management, active mediation and charging control in one single platform, Orga Systems Next Generation Control Point enables operators to achieve profitable growth and reliable revenues from mobile broadband and next generation data services.

Convergent charging for lower churn rates and higher ARPU
In 2014, convergent charging market is expected to grow up to USD 2.6 BN. Feeling strong pressure for more innovative services and loyalty programs, current convergent charging deployments are mainly concentrated in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia, India and Eastern Europe, tending to have a large prepaid customer base, high customer churn rates and low ARPU.

Real-time convergent billing systems – the way to loyal subscribers
Existing billing systems have shown to be increasingly deficient as these legacy systems are lacking the flexibility, speed and real-time capabilities required to support new convergent business models. Convergent billing solutions are the only solution to this as they eliminate pre and postpaid silos and can quickly and efficiently roll out truly bundled services, up-sell and cross-promote services. This will improve customer experience and therefore customer loyalty at the same time.

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