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Record Christmas For Tablet Sales Leaves Children Exposed Online

by david.nunes

Record Christmas For Tablet Sales Leaves Children Exposed Online

More children will receive electronic tablets for Christmas this year than ever before – leaving them more exposed than ever to online dangers.

Records are set to be broken for a second year with cheaper Android tablets the ‘must-have’ present for 2014 leaving Cheshire businessman Matt Archer with real concerns for child online safety.

Retail giant John Lewis sold a tablet every SECOND during the £179 million Black Friday stampede that smashed the store’s 150-year-old sales record with annual sales almost double those of last year.


Archer, Managing Director of UK based Mobile Force Field fears that rush for technology though will leave more children than ever hopelessly exposed to the online dangers highlighted by Prime Minister David Cameron at the November internet summit on child safety.

He said: “The price of tablets are constantly being lowered whilst technology advances at such at a rate that the power of these tablets now are truly remarkable.

Mobi is welcomed to the Etihad by Moonbeam and Moonchester

“As parentsrs we provide our children with tablets to enable them to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of the internet, whether that is to assist their studies or to allow them to play and have fun, socialise with friends.

“Yet tragically that provides those with more sinister motives with the perfect hiding place to lie in wait online for unsuspecting youngsters.

“We shouldn’t be frightened or intimidated by this, families simply need to be more aware of the dangers and don’t adopt the ‘it will never happen to me’ approach because unfortunately it can and does happen to even the most diligent of families with cyber bullying at an all time high.

“Many families believe they are protected at home with restrictions on wi-fi routers but these devices are mobile, they connect directly to the web or use wi-fi hotspots on the bus, in hotels, shops and restaurants and that means the children are exposed to dangers.

“We believe that it doesn’t have to be like that and set about creating a solution of our own that keeps children safe whenever, where ever they use their mobile device. The result is the launch of Mobile Force Field, the world’s first preventative protection for children using mobile devices.”

Cyber bullying

Mobile Force Field is a patent pending software application specifically designed to keep children safe on mobile devices. It works with parents to stop cyber bullying, sexting, access to inappropriate websites and away from online danger zones – the only device in the world to stop the problem before it becomes one.

Installed onto any Android tablet or smartphone the sophisticated software provides parents with simple one-click solutions to issues of concern including the ability to restrict access to social media apps like Snapchat and Facebook.

Mobile Force Field is pre-loaded with a child safe internet browser ensuring youngsters only access safe sites as well as allowing parents to block urls by category or even specific url addresses.

Mobile Force Field Schools Launch

Geo-fencing and Geo-locate features enable parents to set ‘virtual’ boundaries whilst cyber bullies are stopped in their tracks as messages are blocked and instead sent to parents to decide on whether they are suitable or not.

Child online grooming is a particular concern and yet any suspicious messages such as ‘don’t tell your Mum’ or ‘keep it a secret’ are picked up by Mobile Force Field and diverted to parents to alert them to potential danger.

“Mobile Force Field is the only software in the world to offer protection to children BEFORE they have been exposed to the bullying message or seen the website that might shock or offend,” Mr Archer explained.

“Once the Genie is out of the bottle you can not pop it back in and so all of the hundreds of apps that provide reports on activity become useless as the damage is already done. Mobile Force Field steps in before ensuring that our children can continue to use their tablets, smartphones and the internet without fear.”


Mobile Force Field have worked closely with police officials, charities and are members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance and supporters of Child Internet Safety.

MP David Rutley hailed Mobile Force Field an ‘invaluable tool for families” stating: “Mobile technology does have a darker side and products like this provides tools for parents and for young people to block out adult and inappropriate content and at the same time enable parents to keep a closer eye on what’s happening in the lives of their children.

“This tool has an invaluable role in helping many families in and around Macclesfield and Manchester in combatting some of the challenges that mobile technology presents today.”Moonchester-and-Moonbeam-welcome-Mobile-Force-Field-to-Manchester-City-with-a-personalised-shirt-for-Mobi

Mobile Force Field have been signed up by Premiership champions Manchester City’s CITC Foundation – or City In The Community – to ensure children working with the charitable team are protected online.

CITC work with thousands of youngsters in the Greater Manchester area using tablets to teach educational, health, multi-sport and community style programs.

Mike Green, Head of CITC, said: “The CITC Foundation work with more than 45,000 young people across Greater Manchester every year providing support in a variety of areas including football and multi-sport, health and education and community cohesion.

“We use mobile tablets in schools and youth projects to deliver our health and educational projects and ensuring the safety of the young people is a top priority.’

“It’s great to know that once installed on our tablets, the internet will be a safe place for young people.”

Mobile Force Field have teamed up with Child Internet Safety, a multi-platformed approached to keeping children safe launched by Engage Media Solutions. They host the Child Internet Safety summit every year back by a website and soon-to-launch magazine offering advice and guidance for parents and children.

Protect Your Device With Mobile Force Field

Mobile Force Field is offered on a free 14 day no risk trial and is priced at £19.95-a-year / or £1.95-a-month for smartphones and £9.95-a-year or £0.95-pence-per-month for tablets and is available by clicking this link or via the Google Play Store – link here.

It requires a single click to download the Mobile Force Field app and a single free download of the Mobile Force Field browser.

For any questions or further info please email: info@mobileforcefield.com

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