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Red Bee Becomes Partner of the DPP Committed to Sustainability Program

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Red Bee Becomes Partner of the DPP Committed to Sustainability Program

Red Bee Media – Jun 16, 2020 09:00 BST

Red Bee Media is now a partner of the DPP’s Committed to Sustainability Program and will support initiatives aimed towards increased sustainability in the global media industry. Red Bee was one of the first companies to be awarded the DPP Committed to Sustainability mark and achieved a 4 out of 5 score. In 2018, Red Bee created Green Bee, a company-wide sustainability initiative, focusing on building internal awareness and create lasting change through tangible activities across the company.

“We are happy to see Red Bee joining as one of the main partners in the Committed to Sustainability program”, says Abdul Hakim, Programme Delivery Manager, Committed to Sustainability at the DPP. “Red Bee were instrumental in the development of the program and have already proven their dedication through being accredited with such a high score. I know that they will be a very active and valuable partner in the program”

“Partnering with the DPP is a natural step forward in our commitment to sustainability”, says Edward Odevall, Chief Financial Officer and Chair of the Green Bee initiative at Red Bee “Like every other company, we have a responsibility to critically reflect on the impact we have on our environment and constantly explore ways to make our operations more sustainable. We are proud of our accreditation score, but we have a lot of work in front of us. By collaborating with the DPP and its members we hope to make a tangible difference for us, the media industry and the environment.”

Since Green Bee was initiated, Red Bee has been able to create results through both big and small activities, from moving to a green energy supplier for their global data center in the Netherlands to removing plastic cups from all their facilities around the world.

Red Bee is also making strides operationally and their IP based platform with a media centric private cloud has been designed with sustainability as one of the core features. This includes efficiently extracting heat and delivering cooling in the company’s data center, and for every customer that is transitioned to the new platform, Red Bee is significantly reducing its operational footprint.

Throughout the coming year, Red Bee will collaborate with the DPP and the Committed to Sustainability program in exploring ways to make the media industry more sustainable, with Covid-19 being a clear catalyst for change, creating new challenges and opportunities. Red Bee is one of two partners of the program, alongside IT services company Atos.

About Red Bee Media
Red Bee Media is a leading global media services company headquartered in London, with 2500 media experts spread across Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and North America. Every day, millions of people across the globe discover, enjoy and engage with content prepared, managed, broadcast and streamed through Red Bee’s services. The company empowers some of the world’s strongest media brands, broadcasters and content owners to instantly connect with audiences anyhow, anywhere, anytime. Through an end-to-end, managed services offering, Red Bee provides innovative solutions across the entire content delivery chain – covering Live & Remote production, Managed OTT, Distribution, Media Management, Access Services, Content Discovery, Playout and Post Production.

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