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Reggefiber updated to PacketFront’s BECS3

by david.nunes

Reggefiber updated to PacketFront’s BECS3

Reggefiber Group BV, a Dutch company which has a joint venture with KPN, is the market leader in the roll-out and operation of FTTH-networks in the Netherlands. Reggefiber has already built fiber in 80 cities, resulting in more than 800,000 FTTH-connections.
Reggefiber has implemented its networks using the PacketFront product portfolio including ASR switches, DRGs (Customer Premises Equipment) and BECS, which is PacketFront’s control and provisioning tool. Apart from building the passive and active layers of its FTTH-networks, Reggefiber also manages the network operations from its central Network Operations Centre in Rijssen.
Reggefiber is one of PacketFront’s oldest customers in this region and we are looking back to a long, fruitful mutual cooperation. In addition, Reggefiber has one of the largest BECS installations with approximately 150.000 FTTH-connections under management.
Reggefiber needed an upgrade of their BECS installation in order to simplify the handling of the entire network, to create more flexibility in network operations and service dynamics while lowering OPEX by introducing a higher degree of automation and network control. The aim of the upgrade was to centralize all four existing BECS systems, each controlling a different network section into one single BECS installation in Reggefiber’s headquarters in Rijssen. At the same time, the BECS software was upgraded from an earlier generation to the latest BECS3 release, packed with lots of new features and a completely revised user interface.
The migration work was scheduled for four nights within a period of two months in order to minimize the impact on existing end-users. The challenges of this project were the scope of the project with 150.000 connections, the timing – with as little impact as possible for both service providers and end-users and the interaction with all the surrounding management systems. In retrospect, PacketFront can say:
‘We are proud to have put together a competent project team, who did an excellent job locally and remotely by completing the migration “on schedule” and with little impact on end-users. Reggefiber was very satisfied with the results. Now they can benefit from all the new features of the latest BECS3 release and further enhance their service offering, including IP-TV, IP Telephony and Internet services, says Thom Janssen, Sales Director at PacketFront.
‘We were impressed by the precision and professionalism, which the PacketFront team delivered. Now Reggefiber can focus on delivering high quality broadband connections and start introducing new services on our existing fiber network throughout the Netherlands, as well as on future network expansions, says Martin Baan, Manager Operations at Reggefiber.
This extensive software upgrade was realized at the end of 2010 and all systems have been working since the upgrade without any problems.

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