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Registration Code: 5th International Service Technology Symposium (London, Sept. 24-25, 2012)

by david.nunes

100+ Expert Speakers, 14 Conference Tracks,
Book Launches, Contest Giveaways and more!

Cloud Computing Architecture
Big Data Open APIs REST
Semantic Web Technology
SOA and Service-Orientation
Emerging Service Technologies
Business Cases for Cloud Computing
Real World Case Studies
Over 100 Participating Organizations
Adobe • Archimiddle • Arcitura Education • ArcSage LLC • Astrea IT • Atomikos BVBA • Avocent • Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) • Boehringer-Ingelheim • Brasília Institute of Technology and Innovation • C2B2 Consulting • camunda Services GmbH • Capgemini • CDS • The Cloud Circle • Cognizant • The Co-operators • Core Business • Credit Suisse • CTS Inc. • Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration • Egan Marino Corporation (EMC) • Enable-U • eNovance • European Space Agency (ESA) • Everything Everywhere • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) • FedEx • Fiorano • Fulcrum Worldwide • Futrend Technology • Gartner • Grid-Tools Ltd. • Hewlett Packard (HP) • HHS • IBM • IBTI • IntelliDyne • IT Communication • Jet Propulsion Laboratory and California Institute of Technology • KBACE Technologies • Layer 7 Technologies • Leeds Metropolitan University • Liberty Global • Link • Logica • Logosworld • The London Java Company • MaibornWolff • Microsoft • Modus21, LLC • motion10 • Mulesoft • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) • National Research University Higher School of Economics • Nephos Technologies • OASIS • OMG • The Open Group • Oracle • Orbis • Ordina • Otto Gorup • Parasoft • Pluralsight • Rhea Solutions • Rackspace • Real Dolmen • SAP • Sensedia • SOA Software • Splunk • SRA International • Steel Thread Software • Talend • Thales Defence and Security Systems GmbH • Trivadis AG • T-Systems • University of Applied Sciences • University of Brasília • University of Derby • University of Lugano • U.S. Department of Defense • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs • US National Institute of Health • Vodafone • West Monroe Partners • Wipro Consulting Services • WSO2 • XL Axiata • ZapThink



With 100+ speakers over 14 conference tracks, the International SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium is the largest event in the world dedicated to service technology. This year’s symposium is being held in London for the first time and will feature top experts and authors from around the world, providing a series of keynotes, talks, demonstrations, and panels – all dedicated to SOA, cloud and service technology.


Book Launches


sym sym sym sym


This year’s symposium will have the privilege of hosting the book launch ceremonies for three new titles:
Cloud Computing: Concepts & Technology
SOA with REST: Principles, Patterns & Constraints for Building Enterprise Solutions with REST
Next Generation SOA: A Real-World Guide to Modern Service-Oriented Computing
Cloud Computing Design Patterns
Many of the authors will be available to sign books and answer questions throughout the event.

Training & Certification Workshops


Four pre- and post-conference certification workshops are scheduled including, for the first time, the CloudSchool.com Certified Cloud Architect workshops. These bootcamp-style training sessions provide you with the opportunity to prepare for industry-recognized certifications as part of the SOA Certified Professional (SOACP) or the Cloud Certified Professional (CCP) programs. Visit the Workshops page for more information.

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servicetechsymposium SOA, Cloud Computing & Semantic Web Technology: The Sequel – The Era of Intelligent Service Technology
Thomas Erl, Arcitura Education
servicetechsymposium New Paradigms for Application Architecture: From Applications to IT Services
Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner
servicetechsymposium SOA and Service Orientation, From Vision to Reality in the European Space Agency
Vicente Navarro, European Space Agency (ESA)
servicetechsymposium SOA, Cloud Computing and the Semantic Web at NASA
Hook Hua, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology (NASA Center)
servicetechsymposium The Challenge & Opportunity of Cloud Computing
Andrew Watson, OMG
servicetechsymposium What’s the Point of Standards?
Peter F. Brown, OASIS
servicetechsymposium Heading, Altitude & Airspeed: Service Orientation, Cloud & Semantics – All or Nothing!
Dennis Wisnosky, US Department of Defense
servicetechsymposium SOA, Cloud and Service Technologies at the FAA
Michael Hritz, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
servicetechsymposium Cloud Interoperability
Chris Harding, Open Group
servicetechsymposium The API Economy is Here: Facebook, Twitter, Netflix and Your IT Enterprise
Corey Scobie, SOA Software



Conference Agendas


Expert Speaker Sessions

servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium Introducing the Cloud Computing Design Patterns Catalogue
Thomas Erl, Arcitura Education and Amin Naserpour, HP
servicetechsymposium Leveraging SOA to Integrate Cloud-based SaaS Applications: Challenges, Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Suzanne D’Souza, KBACE Technologies
servicetechsymposium The Open API Economy: What Is It and How Do I Capitalize on It?
Laura Olson, IBM
servicetechsymposium Lightweight BPM and SOA
Nils Preusker, camunda Services GmbH
servicetechsymposium OAuth-as-a-Service: Using Windows Azure Access Control and ASP.NET
Maarten Balliauw, RealDolmen
servicetechsymposium A Cloud Onboarding Strategy
Pethuru Raj, Wipro Consulting Services
servicetechsymposium Building 21st Century Service-Oriented Airports
Shyam Kumar, Oracle
servicetechsymposium Building Cloudy Services
Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium Designing Composite Services Using BPMN 2.0 as a Visual Programming Language
Lloyd Dugan, U.S. Department of Defense and Nathaniel Palmer, SRA International
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium The Successful Execution of the SOA and BPM Vision Using a Business Capability Framework: Concepts and Examples
Clemens Utschig, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Manas Deb, Oracle
servicetechsymposium The Modern Era of Business Architecture Design with SOA and S-BPM
Alexander Gromoff, National Research University Higher School of Economics
servicetechsymposium Identity and the Cloud: Unifying the User Experience
Dan Brotsky, Adobe, John Trammel, Adobe and Dr. Umit Yalcinalp, Adobe
servicetechsymposium Time for Delivery: Developing Successful Business Plans for Cloud Computing Projects
Mark Skilton, Capgemini
servicetechsymposium Mobile Networks in the Military Tactical Domain: New SOA Challenges and Techniques
Jorge Mínguez, Thales Defence and Security Systems GmbH
servicetechsymposium Next Generation Systems Integration in the Cloud Era
Kai Wähner, MaibornWolff et al
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium Conway’s Law and Service-Orientation
Roger Stoffers, HP and Marc Schmeetz, Vodafone
servicetechsymposium Smart Clouds
Axel Angeli, Logosworld
servicetechsymposium Service Modeling & BPM Business Value Patterns
Jürgen Kress, Oracle
servicetechsymposium High Performance Computing in the Cloud
Dan Rosanova, West Monroe Partners
servicetechsymposium A Pragmatic Approach to Cloud Computing
Andrea Morena, Oracle, Oracle
servicetechsymposium The Future of ‘Mocks’ – How to Use Sophisticated Simulators for Software Projects
Christina Wegner, T-Systems Ltd.
servicetechsymposium Advances in Cloud Computing
Zaigham Mahmood, University of Derby, UK
servicetechsymposium Federated ESB with Microsoft Azure Architecture and Patterns
Gijs in ‘t Veld, motion10
servicetechsymposium Applying Service-Orientation to ITIL
Filippos Santas, Credit Suisse
servicetechsymposium NoSQL for Data Services, Data Virtualization & Big Data
Guido Schmutz, Trivadis AG
servicetechsymposium Web Service Evolution
Rob Daigneau, ArcSage LLC
servicetechsymposium Taking Message Virtualization to the Next Level
Huw Price, Grid-Tools Ltd.
servicetechsymposium Moving Applications to the Cloud: Migration Options
Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner
servicetechsymposium Case Study: Transformation from Green Screen to Cloud using SOA
Andre Tost, IBM
servicetechsymposium The Rise of the Internet Service Bus
Jaime Ryan, Layer 7 Technologies
servicetechsymposium A Flexible Enterprise Service Repository Taxonomy for Dynamic Service Composition
Sergey Popov, Liberty Global
servicetechsymposium Big Data with CEP and SOA
Demed L’Her, Oracle
servicetechsymposium Distributed Business Processes in Practice
Nicolai M. Josuttis, IT communication
servicetechsymposium The Service Bus in the Cloud
Manfred Steyer, University of Applied Sciences
servicetechsymposium Inside Adobe’s Creative Service-Oriented Cloud Subscription Architecture
Dan Brotsky, Adobe, Dr. Umit Yalcinalp, Adobe and Shyama Padhi, Adobe
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium SOA Adoption in the Brazilian Ministry of Health – Case Study
Ricardo Puttini, University of Brasília and Andre Toffanello, University of Brasília
servicetechsymposium Building Cloud Architectures with Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE)
Dr. Muthu Ramachandran, Leeds Metropolitan University
servicetechsymposium Estimating SOA Projects with Function Points
Yuri Gomes, CDS
servicetechsymposium From SOA to PDA: Why Process-Driven Architectures Help Realize SOA and How BPMN Can Help
Dr. Volker Stiehl, SAP
servicetechsymposium Connecting the Dots between Lean Six Sigma (LSS), BPM, SOA and Cloud Computing
Gary E. Smith, The Co-operators
servicetechsymposium Cloud Virtualization: Benefits, Challenges, Dependencies, Integration, and the Future
Amin Naserpour, HP
servicetechsymposium Integration in the New Cloud World: Are You Prepared?
Pablo Luna, Mulesoft
servicetechsymposium The Impact of the Cloud on the Business of Higher Education
Digant Shah, Fulcrum Worldwide
servicetechsymposium Semantics Enabling Next Generation SOA
Johan Kumps, RealDolmen
servicetechsymposium “The Service Versioning Balancing Act
Ignaz Wanders, Archimiddle
servicetechsymposium The ABC’s of Big Data and Cloud Computing
Steve Hamby, Orbis
servicetechsymposium EMC Data Access API
Steve Graham, EMC
servicetechsymposium Elastic SOA in the Cloud
Steve Millidge, C2B2 Consulting
servicetechsymposium Using the Cloud in Enterprise Architecture
Dr. Chris Harding, The Open Group
servicetechsymposium The Governance, Risk and Compliance Model for SOA
Claynor Mazzarolo, Brasília Institute of Technology and Innovation
servicetechsymposium The OASIS Reference Model and Reference Architecture Framework for SOA
Peter F. Brown, OASIS
servicetechsymposium Actionable Intelligence with Big Data and SOA
Art Ligthart, Ordina
servicetechsymposium Architecting a RESTful Cloud: The Key to Elasticity
Jason Bloomberg, ZapThink
servicetechsymposium Pragmatic SOA in Migration Projects: Case Study at the Belgian Government
Andries Inzé, RealDolmen
servicetechsymposium Cloud Computing’s Impact on Future Enterprise Architectures
Jaap Schekkerman, Logica
servicetechsymposium On the Semantic Processing of Business Process Events
Paul Buhler, Modus21, LLC
servicetechsymposium SLA-Aware Enterprise Service Computing
Longji Tang, FedEx
servicetechsymposium Agile and DevOps for Services: Practices, Techniques, and Tools for Your SOA Environment
Marcelo Sousa Ancelmo, IBM
servicetechsymposium Open Stack Extensions: Challenges and Lessons Learned in the Development and Governance of Extensible REST Services
Jorge L. Williams, Rackspace
servicetechsymposium Leveraging SOA for Space Situational Awareness: From Planning to Patterns to Governance
Vicente Navarro, ESA
servicetechsymposium Building a Cloud Ecosystem Architecture
Chris Haddad, WSO2
servicetechsymposium Knowledge As A Service: Using Ontology Based Architecture to drive your SOA
Art Ligthart, Ordina
servicetechsymposium Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Clouds: Considerations, Challenges and Risks
Howard Cohen, Steel Thread Software
servicetechsymposium SOA and MDM: Identifying the Architectural Challenges
Bernd Trops, Talend
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium SOA Environments are a Big Data Problem
Markus Zirn, Splunk and Jens Inhow, Otto Group
servicetechsymposium Industry-Oriented Cloud Architecture: Cloud Computing in Higher Education
Sukrit Sondhi, Fulcrum Worldwide
servicetechsymposium Composable and Virtualized Cloud Architecture and SOA Services for Life Sciences Value Chains
Vijay Srinivasan, Cognizant
servicetechsymposium A Service-Oriented Approach to Provisioning Mobile Health & Benefit Applications
Aaron Drew, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
servicetechsymposium Semantic Technology & Cloud Computing: Addressing the Big Data Information Sharing Problem
Steve Hamby, Orbis
servicetechsymposium Community Management: The Next Wave of SOA Governance and API Management
Tim E. Hall, Oracle
servicetechsymposium Engineering Disciplines for Cloud Development
Tony Shan, CTS Inc.
servicetechsymposium Big Data in the Public Sector: SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or XaaS (“Anything-as-a-Service”)
Tony Crescenzo, IntelliDyne
servicetechsymposium Enabling Services with Apache CXF: Flexible, Easy and Standards-Compliant
Andrei Shakirin, Talend
servicetechsymposium SOA Governance at EDP: A Global Energy Company
Manuel Rosa, Link
servicetechsymposium The Machine-2-Machine Cloud: Enabling Social Business with M2M Cloud Services
Masykur Marhendra Sukmanegara, XL Axiata
servicetechsymposium Unified and Automated Service Governance
Maurizio Canton, SOA Software
servicetechsymposium Architecture Gumbo: Synthesizing and Designing Methods for Integrating SOA, TOGAF and FEA
Pamela J. Wise-Martinez, Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium Service Infrastructure and Server Virtualization at the National Institute of Health
Jeff Zhong, Futrend and Eric Cole, US National Institutes of Health
servicetechsymposium Quality Assurance of Interfaces and SOA Services: An Essential Component of SOA Governance
Ludwig Ronny Eckardt, T-Systems Ltd.
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium Transactions for the REST of Us
Cesare Pautasso, University of Lugano and Guy Pardon, Atomikos BVBA
servicetechsymposium Making Cloud Standards Customer-Driven
Andrew Watson, OMG
servicetechsymposium The Service Landscape: An Open SOA Standard for the Banking Industry
Hans Tesselaar, Banking Industry Architecture Network
servicetechsymposiumservicetechsymposium A Case Study on SOA and Process: Integrating E-Gov Travel Services with Federal Agency Financial Systems
Jeff Zhong, Futrend and David Flynn, HHS
servicetechsymposium Quality Assurance of Interfaces and SOA Services: An Essential Component of SOA Governance
Shekhar Kulkarni, Everything Everywhere




symBecome a sponsor for the 5th International SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium. The event provides an excellent opportunity to promote your organization, brand, products and/or services in the lead-up to the event, to delegates during the event, and to the industry community at large. Special sponsor packages are available to licensed Arcitura Education training partners.

For sponsorship package details, visit the conference Website and download the Sponsorship Guide. Exhibition space is available in the main exhibition and catering hall, as well as in other public areas, but space is limited. You do not need to be a sponsor in order to exhibit. Visit the Sponsorship page for additional details.

Contests & Giveaways

Numerous text books, promotional gear and various training materials will be given away at the Symposium in association with the book launch ceremonies and additional contests that will be held throughout the event. Many of these materials will be provided courtesy of Prentice Hall, Pearson Education and Arcitura Education.

Podcast Series

sym Gain access to exclusive interviews with Symposium speakers and participants as part of a dedicated podcast interview series for the SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium. Connect via any one of the available social media channels to be notified of newly published podcasts that will be posted on a regular basis, leading up to the conference start date. Visit the Podcasts page for additional details.

Symposium Mobile App


symAll attendees will have advance access to news updates and all event details via the custom mobile app being developed for the SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium.

Expert Panels
“SOA is Mainstream: Are Business and IT Now Better Aligned?”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
It’s been over three years since Gartner declared that SOA entered the “Slope of Enlightenment”, a reflection of SOA’s maturity in both technology and practice. So, has it truly helped organizations better align business operations…
“Cloud Computing and the Space Sector”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
This unique panel will focus on how and to what extent cloud computing is being adopted with in the global space industry. Panelists from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA)…
“The Impact of the Cloud on IT and Business Employment”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
Cloud computing skills are now in great demand – among information technology professionals, and on the business side as well. Just as cloud computing is a game-changer for the IT operations and cost structures of many companies, it…
“SOA and Agile Development”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
Nothing sparks quite as much “enthusiastic” discussion and “distinct” opinions as the proposed combination of service-orientation and agile software development techniques and principles. There are many who feel that these paradigms…
“Being an IT Broker: Career Change Ahead”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
This is a great time to be in IT…but be prepared to re-envision your role and your responsibilities. The convergence of cloud, mobile, social, and information points to a new frontier for creative technologists. During this panel, moderator Anne…
“Economics of the Cloud: The Cloud ROI”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
As Cloud Computing adoption and investment continue to grow, more sophisticated practices and mechanisms are required to define and measure business metrics that help stakeholders assess the actual value and worth of cloud-based…
“The Relationship Between Big Data and the Semantic Web”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
“The Relationship Between Big Data and the Semantic Web”
There is much hype around the emergence of Big Data and its importance to corporations (especially larger corporations) for effective consolidation and access to mountains of data and content. There are distinct relationships between…
“The New World of Open APIs”
servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium servicetechsymposium
The marketplace and economy surround open APIs is rapidly growing and has been further fueled by the acceptance of REST-based services and innovative hybrid solutions. This expert panel will discuss the implications of this new…

Contact Information

General Inquiries:
Contact: info@servicetech.co or +1 604 904 4100 (PST)

Post-Conference Workshop Inquiries:
Contact: info@arcitura.com

Press Office and Media Inquiries:
Contact: press@servicetech.co

Sponsorship and Media Partnership Opportunities:
Contact: partners@servicetech.co

Speaking Opportunities and Program Inquiries:
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