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RelaxBox / Protect your data, leave malware behind: small box finds enthusiastic support on the web

by david.nunes

Protect your data, leave malware behind: small box finds enthusiastic support on the web

RelaxBox gains more than 23,000€ from Kickstarter supporters / aims to reduce restrictions and improve security on the internet / campaign still lasts for seven days

Berlin, October 21, 2015. Motivated by the fact that browsing the web safely and without restrictions has become a luxury almost exclusively available to the tech-savvy, a Berlin start-up is dedicated to a simple but ingenious idea: a small box, no larger than two cigarette packs which simply needs to be plugged into the router. To help with financing RelaxBox’s creators went to the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. They have gathered over 23,000€ contributed by more than 150 backers – surpassing twice the amount they were aiming for. The campaign still lasts till October 27. Backers may contribute to the idea starting at 5€.

RelaxBox not only aims to intercept malware, but also allows access to locally blocked websites, it encrypts data traffic and simplifies the sharing of one’s internet connection. “It sounds like magic at first, but it’s not. The necessary software and hardware does exist. We simply provide a new and simplified interface between the technology and our customers”, explains Maximilian Pohl, creative source and associate at RelaxInternet, the company behind RelaxBox.

Pohl: “Of course, it’s currently possible to browse the web safely and have no restrictions – but that’s mostly done by the tech-savvy who invest considerable amounts of time doing this. Our goal is to provide safety and open up the internet for everyone. Just as was the original purpose of the world wide web.”

RelaxBox will be available before the end of the year. Anyone using RelaxBox will then be able to access regionally blocked content, like for instance videos, from countries like the UK, the United States or Switzerland among others. At the same time the process of sharing one’s internet connection is simplified. “Sharing one’s internet connection is risky, because there is the possibility of being held accountable for the actions of others using the connection. RelaxBox prevents your IP-address from being seen by a third party”, says Pohl. Thus the protection of the user’s privacy is improved. The box simply encrypts any data sent by connected devices. There will be no noticeable difference in performance.

Kickstarter is being used as start-up funding for the project. “We will be able to stay independent by using crowd funding and by having many backers. This is especially important for a security system”, says Pohl. Starting at 5€ backers can support the project. At 80€ they can receive the box and a one-year subscription to the service for free. More information about the project: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/470304262/relaxbox-a-box-to-thouroughly-secure-you-internet

About RelaxBox
RelaxBox is a project of RelaxInternet GmbH & Co. KG. The box is a network appliance which is connected to the router and can be controlled via a web interface. The box aims to make browsing safe and barrier-free for regular users – by automatically and transparently encrypting data, intercepting malware and obfuscating the location of the user. The project is being financed mainly through Kickstarter.  http://www.relaxbox.de/

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