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Resource Industry to Mine Data Faster with Actian and Geological Data Design

by david.nunes

Resource Industry to Mine Data Faster with Actian and Geological Data Design

Geologists To Save Hours Daily with Mobile Tablets, Vectorwise and GDD’s Field Data Integrator

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, August 6, 2012 – Actian Corporation today announced that Geological Data Design (GDD), a specialist in the collection, management and analysis of exploration and mining data, has selected the record-breaking analytical database Vectorwise to power their Field Data Integrator. GDD’s Field Data Integrator is the first end-to-end mining and exploration solution, and makes working with large volumes of resources data faster and simpler.

GDD’s Field Data Integrator combines best-of-breed technologies for collecting, managing and analysing data more rapidly. The end-to-end solution enables geologists to collect samples in shorter time frames, and then quickly analyse large volumes of sample data for complex scenarios such as such as project timings, cash flows and profitability with greater sensitivity levels.

GDD’s Field Data Integrator automatically synchronises sample data from various field instruments, GPS, and cameras onto a ‘tough’ tablet using Bluetooth. Geologists enter notes directly onto the tablet using on-screen or wireless keyboards, enabling all data on samples to be collected automatically into a single source. The tablet then automatically synchronises with a master database running Vectorwise whenever in mobile range, saving geologists time in manual data entry.

“For the last 25 years GDD has been helping companies in the resource sector collect, manage and analyse their data. Today’s technology enables us to do this more quickly and effectively.” said Tony Shellshear, Principal and Founder of GDD. “Geologists traditionally carry a lot of different field equipment to explore, record observations and take samples. They make notes and drawings, record co-ordinates, take photos, videos, or perhaps audio recordings. Collating this data can be very time consuming, and geologists can spend up to 1-2 hours a day manually entering these different information types into the database. GDD’s Field Data Integrator does all this automatically by synchronising information from the various devices to the tablet computer, which then uploads the data to the main Vectorwise database when in reach of a wireless signal. This means geologists can spend more time collecting samples, or analysing the data, rather than being tied to the clerical work.”

While the field data collected during the day is not always large, this data often integrates into a very large database; in some cases hundreds of millions or even billions of records. GDD chose the record-breaking Vectorwise database for its ability to deliver significantly faster analysis of this data on commodity hardware.

“Very large data sets from exploration and development work are used in conjunction with other large geophysical, satellite imagery and other regional data sets.’ said Mr Shellshear. “Our Field Data Integrator makes it faster and easier to create geological models, calculate mineral deposits and determine better ways to develop mine plans. In the past all of these exercises have been notoriously slow. As a result, the number of economic, production or engineering scenarios that could be run was limited. We chose to use the Vectorwise database for its ability to quickly analyse data. Vectorwise allows the consideration of a much larger number of scenarios, improving the sensitivity analysis on aspects of the project. This provides a clearer picture of potential project timings, cash flows and profitability, with improved confidence in decisions as a result.”

Actian and GDD are exhibiting at the 34th International Geological Congress in Brisbane, Australia and showcasing GDD’s Field Data Integrator throughout the 5 day event.

“The mining and resource industry plays such an important role in the Australian economy.” said Jason Leonidas, VP of Sales and Services for Actian Corporation. “It’s an important part of our strategy to target industry groups with strong domain partners like GDD. They are able to take exciting new innovations like Vectorwise and mobile tablets and dramatically streamline the way geologists and miners collect, analyse and mine their data.”

About Actian – Take Action On Big Data

Actian Corporation enables organizations to transform big data into business value with data management solutions to transact, analyze, and take automated action across their business operations. Actian helps 10,000 customers worldwide take action on their big data with Action Apps, Vectorwise, the analytical database, and Ingres, an independent mission-critical OLTP database. Actian is headquartered in California with offices in New York, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Melbourne. Stay connected with Actian Corporation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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About Geological Data Design (GDD)

GDD has been providing geological and mining data management services to the resource sector for 25 years in Australia and Papua New Guinea, and in diverse global locations from Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia to the USA. GDD have extensive experience in gold, base metals, coal and iron ore, and can ensure your data meets the requirements of the JORC standards for all aspects of ore resources and reserves estimation. With the latest performance databases and wiz-bang devices, GDD provides solutions that you can use anywhere on earth, which is handy if you’re a geologist.

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