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Reston-based Optimal Satcom Awarded Contract to Support Mexican Government Satellite

by david.nunes

Mexican Government Gains Satellite Management Efficiency

from Optimal Satcom Integrated Software System


Optimal Satcom Continues Valuable Relationship by Providing Low-risk, Proven Solution for MEXSAT


Reston, VA, August 23, 2011 – Optimal Satcom has been awarded a subcontract by Integral Systems to provide the Mexican government with a highly-efficient satellite capacity management system for its new MEXSAT satellite system. MEXSAT is Mexico’s next-generation telecommunications system providing communications for military, civil and humanitarian needs, and enhanced coverage for domestic communications through two mobile satellite services spacecraft and once fixed-satellite services spacecraft.


Under the terms of the agreement, Optimal Satcom will provide MEXSAT with its comprehensive Enterprise Capacity Manager™ (ECM®) software system integrated with COMPLAN, Optimal’s highly-engineered capacity management tool. Optimal Satcom’s software suite will afford MEXSAT an integrated solution that consolidates all aspects of its capacity management – pre-sales, contracts, engineering, operations, accounting, and management oversight – in one system.


“Optimal Satcom is pleased to support the Mexican government with its next-generation MEXSAT satellite system,” said Ahsun H. Murad, President and CEO of Optimal Satcom. “Our ECM system, with its vertically integrated approach to capacity management, will help MEXSAT achieve optimal levels of operational efficiency.”


Murad noted that the Mexican government currently operates its networks on the SatMex satellite fleet, also an Optimal Satcom customer and user of ECM and COMPLAN. “We look forward to expanding this relationship and assisting MEXSAT with re-alignment and optimization of its networks with the launch of the new satellites, he added.


Optimal Satcom’s ECM-COMPLAN system is a high-performance, low-risk solution for MEXSAT. The system has an established track record and is currently in use by satellite operators and major satellite service providers to manage capacity on over 100 satellites belonging to more than 30 different satellite operators.


Optimal Satcom is the leading provider of enterprise systems and services helping its customers achieve significant cost savings with the ECM’s integrated satellite capacity planning and management tools, and SATCOM network design and optimization services.





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