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Restructure brings Stack family together as business grows

by david.nunes

Restructure brings Stack family together as business grows

Aintree-based business technology provider Stack Data Solutions has brought all three of its businesses under one umbrella after experiencing growth of 84% in the last 12 months.

The firm, now known as The Stack Group, collectively enjoyed turnover of £3.3 million in the last 12 months. Group chairman Jeff Orr has established a framework to bring Stack Data Solutions, Stack Interconnect and Stack Telecom under one corporate identity, combining their strengths to capitalise on their success.

Stack Data Solutions provides cloud computing, networking, data storage and security solutions for businesses, Stack Interconnect delivers advanced cable installation and management solutions and Stack Telecom installs and operates high-tech voice communications packages.

Recently the three separate entities have been working a lot more closely as Stack has begun providing integrated office systems, which allow businesses to access fibre-optic broadband, cloud computing services and mobile business telephone systems which are synchronised with the computer network.

According to Jeff formally bringing the three separate businesses together will help the firm continue its impressive performance.

“We have adapted to the rapidly changing market for IT services in the commercial sector,” said Jeff. “With the three businesses working so closely together, it made sense to create an overarching management group.

“It will allow us to be more agile when responding to our client needs and enable us to more efficiently allocate our resources wherever they are required.”

The Stack Group, which employs 30 people across the three arms of its business, offers firms access to cutting edge technology without the capital expenditure. Clients only pay for the services and capacity they use and have access to state-of-the-art cloud storage space, virtual desktops and high-spec security.

In addition the group can install fibre optic cables and build a mobile business telecom system into the computer network to reduce costs and improve service using Voice over IP technology.

“Businesses are beginning to realise the savings that can be made by operating in the cloud rather than employing an IT team and purchasing servers which age and need to be upgraded over time,” said Jeff.

“By taking a fresh look at our own business we have ensured we can match the growing demand for our services from firms of any size because we can be more flexible with our resources.”

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