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Reverb Networks reveals new Cloud SON network architecture

by david.nunes

Reverb Networks reveals new Cloud SON network architecture


Increasing NFV and launch of Cloud RAN opens the path to virtualization of the self-optimizing network function within a new Cloud SON architecture


Sterling, Virginia, Monday November 17, 2014


Self-optimizing network pioneer Reverb Networks has revealed details of a new approach to installing self-optimizing networks within a Cloud Radio Access Network (RAN).


Reverb Networks recently introduced Predictive SON, which moves self-optimizing networks forward to next generation pre-active capabilities.


Now, with a roadmap to Cloud SON revealed in a new white paper and patent application, “Cloud SON: A New Member of the SON Family”, Reverb proposes to move SON functions into more a strategic position in the network command and control architecture.


“Reverb’s Cloud SON proposal isn’t a trivial detail, like hosting your SON software on a cloud hosting service. It’s a fundamentally new network architecture for self- optimizing networks that is in tune with the trend towards Cloud RANs and NFV,” said Zoran Kehler, Reverb Networks CEO. “We think this is groundbreaking, and have filed patent applications outlining a new, next generation architecture that simplifies how SON is implemented within the Cloud RAN.”


When coupled with Reverb Network’s existing Predictive SON capabilities, new Cloud SON technology moves the self-optimizing network domain closer to becoming the centralized “brain” of the network – a network operating system (NOS) that can predict cause and effect, strategize for best outcomes and coordinate network response in a holistic manner.


“Many of today’s operational system are analogous to the muscles and bones of the body, the basic electro-mechanical fibers. SON is the brain that delivers intelligence and coordinates effective use of those resources to achieve strategic results, and Cloud SON bring us one step closer to a unified set of intelligent capabilities,” said Kehler.


Reverb Networks will be exhibiting at the LTE Americas 2014 conference taking place in Dallas, USA, from 18-20 November 2014. More information can be found at the event website: americas.lteconference.com.


Reverb’s new white paper “Cloud SON: A New Member of the SON Family” can be downloaded from www.reverbnetworks.com.  


About Reverb Networks

Reverb Networks is a pioneering provider of automated, customer-centric and value-based self-optimizing network solutions. Reverb’s InteliSON product suite enhances networks of mobile network operators through frequent and proactive self-optimization, improving network coverage and capacity and increasing spectral efficiencies. Headquartered in the United States, Reverb Networks has presence in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, and offers support across the globe.


For more information, visit www.reverbnetworks.com 

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