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RE.WORK launches to explore how tech and science can solve global challenges

by david.nunes


15 May 2013: A new organisation and summit series entitled RE.WORK is launching in London this September with the aim of bringing together science, technology and entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. The RE.WORK summit will include speakers from MIT, Oxford University, The Future of Humanity Institute and Google Lunar X PRIZE, as well as world- renowned theoretician Aubrey De Grey among many others.

The first RE.WORK summit is focused on exploring innovative ideas and encouraging collaboration to solve issues in areas such as increased urbanisation, efficient healthcare, sustainable energy solutions, and equal opportunities for all. Technology is having a revolutionary impact on these areas and some of the new advances explored at RE.WORK will include progress in the internet of things, sensors, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence plus further groundbreaking innovations.

Five key reasons to attend the RE.WORK summit are:

·         Learn how scientists, academics and entrepreneurs are working towards tackling global challenges with new innovation and technology

·         Discover exciting startups who are developing disruptive products and changing industries for the better

·         Find new business opportunities, partnerships and investments and network with leading thinkers, makers and doers

·         Be inspired by presentations from world-class speakers, take part in interactive and collaborative sessions, as well as experience workshops and showcase areas

·         Understand how the future can be re-worked and learn how to future-proof businesses and industries.

RE.WORK founder Nikita Johnson said: “By 2050 there may be around nine billion people on the planet, so understanding, knowledge and collaboration is vital to help steer the way to a better future. From the smallest start-up to larger businesses and research institutions, it’s important to realise we have a responsibility as well as the potential to make big changes happen in order to improve the way we work and live. This is what the RE.WORK summit aims to inspire and put into action.”

Hagan Bayley, the Professor of Chemical Biology at the University of Oxford, said: “Progress in science and technology and in the important territory where they intersect can be greatly enhanced through the freedom to explore basic science and rapidly communicate new findings. At the RE.WORK summit, I will be looking at the benefits of getting back to basics, emphasising how research for its own sake is fundamental to advancement.”

The very first RE.WORK summit will be held in London’s Shoreditch on the 19th September 2013, which will then be followed by further events around Europe, focusing on specialist areas such as future cities, health and the environment. There will also be a series of meetups and workshops following the summits, to ensure ideas and partnerships formed as a result are progressed. To find out more or book tickets, go to: http://www.re-work.co/


RE.WORK is a new series of summits founded by entrepreneur Nikita Johnson with the aim of combining entrepreneurship, science and technology to re-work the future. For more information, the full programme and speakers list, please visit: http://www.re-work.co/

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