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Rivet Radio Delivering CustomWeather Updates to Listeners Globally

by david.nunes

Rivet Radio Delivering CustomWeather Updates to Listeners Globally

Smart Audio gets Local with First International Partnership

CHICAGO, April 27, 2015 – Rivet Radio, the smart audio platform, today announced it will be adding local weather reports for 30 major cities worldwide. In partnership with CustomWeather, this new, geo-targeted content will allow global users to receive accurate local forecasts in their city every morning through Rivet Radio’s advanced audio channeling.

“We’ve focused on supercharging our international experience for Rivet Radio audiences in this first quarter,” Rivet CEO John MacLeod said. “Expanding our international and local offerings is imperative for both our existing listener base and our growing audience. With enabled geo-location and Rivet Radio’s leading audio meta-tagging and delivery solutions, we’re able to channel audio to the right local audiences.”

In partnership with CustomWeather, Rivet’s weather updates will serve millions in the following cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, Singapore, New Delhi, Sydney, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Tel Aviv, Tehran, Baghdad, Riyadh, Jakarta, Lagos, Dar es Salaam, Madrid, Istanbul, Seoul, Manila, Karachi, Dubai, Athens, Bangkok, and Santiago.

Geoff Flint, CustomWeather President and CEO added, “Our partnership with Rivet will provide millions of end-users with the accurate, global weather forecasts that CustomWeather is known for.  Rivet’s global focus complements our own commitment to worldwide coverage – we cover over 80,000 worldwide forecast locations in over 75 languages. Offering an automated weather feed customized for Rivet’s platform is a natural fit for us and we look forward to supporting Rivet’s continued growth and success.”

CustomWeather joins a hearty list of Rivet’s current premiere partnerships with media powerhouses including The Associated Press, American Public Media, and Crain’s Business. Global weather expansion marks the first international content partnership for Rivet Radio.

For more information and to download Rivet Radio visit www.rivetnewsradio.com.

About CustomWeather, Inc.
San Francisco-based CustomWeather offers the industry’s most robust weather solutions for both decision support and consumer application. CustomWeather generates granular weather forecasts for over 200 countries, providing sophisticated weather services to leading companies in a variety of industries. For over a decade, CustomWeather has been the leading one-stop solution for historical, real-time, and forecast weather services.  For more information, visit www.CustomWeather.com.

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