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Roamware unveils World’s first cloud-based roaming service for mobile operators

by david.nunes


Roamware Unveils RoamCloud, World’s First Cloud-based Roaming Service for Mobile Operators


RoamCloud reduces time to market by enabling on demand roaming services supported by a 24×7 managed services infrastructure


16th August 2011, San Jose – Roamware, Inc., the global leader in the mobile roaming solutions, launched RoamCloud, a comprehensive suite of cloud-based roaming services for mobile operators. RoamCloud will make the entire suite of Roamware products available on demand.


RoamCloud is the world’s first value centric roaming solution offering packaged with a blend of cloud services, business consulting, managed services and predictive intelligence to deliver targeted business results for operators.


The key challenge for mobile operators is keeping pace with the service innovation required to maximize revenue, delivering best in class service quality while optimizing capex and mitigating investment risks in new services. This needs to be accomplished without a hitch in the delivery of mission critical voice, data and video services. According to Camille Mendler of Informa, Communication service providers (CSPs) committed nearly US$8 billion to cloud-related pursuits in the first six months of 2011.


RoamCloud provides a range of benefits to mobile operators – minimal capex investments in software & hardware, time to market business value, flexibility to start small and expand capacity on demand, and seamless roll out of new roaming services in line with business and customer imperatives and growth, outsourcing and automation of roaming business & technical operations, and 24X7 service monitoring


“Mobile Operators need a solution that will help them mitigate risks associated with new roaming services. As the global leader in roaming solutions, RoamCloudTM will take us further in addressing real business issues for mobile operators and deliver solid returns on investments while mitigating risks”, said Dr. John Jiang CTO and EVP of Product Management.



About Roamware, Inc.


Roamware, Inc. is the leading provider of roaming and mobile financial services solutions with a customer base of over 480 mobile operators across 154 countries. Roamware is the global leader in mobile roaming solutions with an estimated 60 pc share of GSM, 3G and CDMA voice and data roaming segments. Roamware m-commerce and mobile banking solutions have been successfully deployed by major banks and global operators globally including: Vodafone, Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland. The company is headquartered in San Jose with operations across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. http://www.roamware.com



Roamware Contacts:


Srinivas B Vijayaraghavan, Director Marketing

Tel: +919739970225


Abraham Punnoose, VP, Cloud Services Business Development

Tel: +919967927777


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