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Routed among the continent’s fastest growing companies

by Anthony Weaver

Riding the cloud wave helps Routed make the FT/Statista 2024 Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies rankings for a second successive year.

Following the announcement of the third annual Financial Times’ Africa’s Fastest Growing Companies rankings, integrated cloud platform provider, Routed, is pleased to announce that it has once again made the list with its ranking of 98th in the overall ranking and 14th in the category of IT & Software Services.

The FT/Statista 2024 annual ranking of Africa’s fastest-growing companies looks at a range of different industries, ranking them based on the common denominator of their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue.

With less than half of the companies that were listed in 2023 making the grade again in 2024, the fact that Routed is once again represented is a significant achievement, notes Andrew Cruise, Managing Director at Routed.

He points out that cloud computing remains one of the biggest trends in 2024, adding that their operation has built its business on addressing all Enterprise cloud, recovery and modern application development requirements.

“The cloud market is continuing to grow exponentially, and our tireless work in this space has helped us to once again make the FT list, and with good reason. Today, Routed is positioned as one of the best cloud providers in the local market, thanks to the trust we have built with channel partners, and our ability to enable a seamless cloud journey,” he says.

“We like to describe ourselves as a service provider to service providers, and our strong cloud skills and experience, alongside our commitment to our customers, is what has helped us build our business into one of the best subscription-based private cloud platforms available.”

He adds that Routed’s ability, in conjunction with its partners, to deliver some of the most complete VMware cloud-based infrastructure deployments available locally is a key driver of company revenue.

“While this has helped us make the Financial Times’ list again, we feel that the passion, commitment and determination that we bring to the table plays an equally key role in building our reputation as experts within the cloud ecosystem.”

Cruise notes that as a South African company, Routed is in a position to deliver personalised, local support when clients need it. This is backed up by a team of local experts, who understand the local business environment and local organisations’ needs and are well-equipped to deal with any issues promptly.

Apart from personalised levels of support, Routed also offers flexible pricing plans, allowing partners to choose a plan that meets their customer’s specific needs and budget. In addition, continues Cruise, the company has invested heavily in its network infrastructure, meaning that partners can be certain they have access to a reliable and secure cloud environment.

“One of the reasons for our success is that customers can quickly and easily deploy their applications and services in the cloud, while the platform itself is highly scalable, meaning clients can easily scale their applications up or down as needed. Essentially, by providing our customers with a seamless cloud environment, we enable them to focus on their core business, while we take care of the rest.”

“Routed is thrilled to once again be recognised by FT for its ongoing growth, and remains committed to succeeding in the rapidly evolving cloud environment. We aim to continue this success by not being afraid to embrace change, while nonetheless staying true to our values as a vendor-neutral infrastructure provider,” he concludes.

About Routed

Routed is a true cloud provider. Secure, robust and reliable, the Routed cloud platform is vendor-neutral and offers scalable, full or hybrid cloud hosting. Engaging directly or within a channel, Routed delivers cloud and infrastructure solutions to enterprise customers, wholesale partners, resellers and affiliates. 

Founded in 2016 in response to a growing demand for data centre hosting solutions following the rapid growth and penetration of fast, reliable connectivity services in South Africa. Routed is led by industry veterans with over 35 years of experience in delivering and managing secure cloud and infrastructure solutions both locally and internationally.

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