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RQX1, a new monitoring receiver with DVB-T2-Base and DVB-T2-Lite measurement capabilities!

by david.nunes


RQX1, a new monitoring receiver with
DVB-T2-Base and DVB-T2-Lite
measurement capabilities!

Amsterdam, September 12, 2014TeamCast, the world renowned leader in digital modulation technologies for Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), Wireless Transmission and Satellite Applications, is announcing at IBC2014 the new RQX1 DTTV monitoring receiver.

With more than 45 countries having adopted the DVB-T2 standard since its release in 2009, the worldwide expansion of this technology is growing rapidly. In delivering HDTV services considered as “highQoS (Quality Of Service) sensitive”, Broadcasters and Network Operators are clearly expressing the need for advanced features to efficiently monitor their network and to track/anticipate transmission failures, thus maximising the quality of their viewers’ service experience.

The new RQX1 receiver enables operators to reliably monitor signals meeting the DVB-T2 Rel 1.3.1 specification. This capability includes regular T2-Base signals for fixed reception, T2-Lite signals for mobile reception, and even a mix of the two types of signals.

This new product also offers the facility to monitor networks using the DVB-T2 MISO transmission scheme, providing either manual or automatic selection of the group of transmitters to be monitored and measured.

“This new product enriches the range of RQX monitoring products, providing operators for the first time with the capabilities to monitor all types of networks based on the rich features of the DVB-T2 standard, including T2-Lite for mobile reception and MISO for improved coverage”, says Eric PINSON, Business Unit Manager at TeamCast.

With this cutting-edge product, TeamCast continues its prime strategy to bring world-class RF signal measurements into the cost effective and very compact design of the popular RQX probes.

“For our customers who are familiar with the previous RQX0 products, RQX1 offers the same superb range of features and the same class of performance, for a wider range of operational applications – in the same physical form factor (same module size and power requirements), and with the same software integration facilities (same API with a few extensions)”, adds Eric.

The RQX1 product will be displayed on TeamCast’s booth at IBC2014: 2B51.

About TeamCast:

TeamCast is a renowned and highly active member of the Digital TV ecosystem worldwide, with innovative technology offerings based on a solid expertise in Satellite and Terrestrial Digital TV transmission.

Created in 2003, and based at Rennes in France, TeamCast is deeply involved in the development, definition and verification of numerous broadcasting standards.

Today, major clients in the Broadcasting Industry from 50 different countries invest their confidence in TeamCast and its products. TeamCast has opened offices in Elmira (New York) and in Singapore to support the development of its business in North America and Asia, and to provide local sales and technical support services to its customers.

For more information: www.teamcast.com


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